Thursday, April 18, 2013

Whatcom Backroads

Although I have found very few dirt roads in Washington, that are not logger roads. Which are accurately more mud than dirt. I love a great back road. I grew up in a small town, almost a village, it was so small in Wyoming. And was surrounded by dirt back roads. The best ones took a long time to get no were. The great ones took an explorer up the magnificent Rockie Mountains. It is no wonder many a great country song involves getting lost on back roads. Away from the gridlock and hassles and just seeing, being, and enjoying.

Rockie Mountains

With a glimpse of all that is Sheridan, Wyoming.

In today's blog I focus on just a few areas. Not really on any real mission or any actual dirt roads. And I showcase some of the sights along the way. I start with my journey to Lummi a few weeks back. I had lots of time to kill, and wandered through the farm land. The main mission in my picture taking, never happened on this trip. I wanted some shots of Mt Baker, but although it was a sunny day, most of the mountain was blocked behind pesky clouds. Every time I drive to work, I marvel at this sight, and at how much snow is on it's face. Especially since we have seen NADA snow in Bellingham this year. Possibly because we jinked it and bought sleds before winter hit. But, even after all of that great hype, I have no pictures of the mountain to share today. I do have lots of pictures of old buildings and barns. Old barns have always been fascinating to me. And I have pictures from ones all across this state and others. One of my favorites is in Wyoming, and no longer stands. It was collapsing, and the used wood was salvaged by a contractor.

Another great spot for such barns is out on the back roads of Lyndan, especially near the new casino, again these are not pictured today. ;) Although many of the buildings are out past Wal- Mart. Today we start with the roads near Lummi and the Silver Reef, were I work. If you keep up with my posts, the last entry was about the joys of Lummi exploring.

I drive past this lone tree all of the time.

It stands in the middle of the fields

and I think it makes for a great picture.

This lonely pumpkin head stands guard at one of the local pumpkin patches.

The old barn at the pumpkin patch.
And a few more dotted across the nearby country side.

The next day I ventured out past Wal- Mart taking side roads through the country side.

Just off of the Guide is this huge memorial to all of the babies killed by abortion each year.

This picture only shows a portion of the sight. But makes you stop and think.

All of the blackberry bushes kept me from exploring much further on this sight, not the sign so much.

And a peek inside this building...

I do not think this boat has seen use for awhile, but they are certainly ready for escape in the next flood.

Two angles of the same building.

Some old wood.

I was not aware this mining sight was even here. I had to sneak past some more keep out signs to get this shot of my new swimming hole?

Sadly they were tearing the above buildings down when I passed.

But I have them preserved forever to view here.

And some more old barns!

Last shot for today

An old barn in Blaine Washington

Now it's your turn to get away from it all and explore a back road or three.

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