Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hoppy Easter

    And now some deep quotes!:

    **"Why is it that people who drink energy drinks seem like the people with the least amount of stuff going on?"**

                             **"You are not bald, you are just taller than your hair!"**

                      **"Not sure how coffee got its own table in the living room, but kudos."**

                                          I just read a list of "100 things to do before you die"

                                         And was surprised that "scream for help" wasn't on it.

      **"I'm combining Easter and April Fools day this year - I'm sending the kids out to look for eggs I haven't hidden."**

       **"I can't help but think that the random appointments we have today are just April 1st jokes. And we will show up to closed buildings. Including my mother -in-laws court date today."**-------With Easter the day before April Fools day I have saved up some jokes, pictures, and deep thoughts.  I have stated before that we do not observe April Fools day in our house.   With a wife named April that was born in April she has heard more than her share of bad jokes.  We do celebrate Easter ---- because of Christs amazing grace to all of us, and the bunny  stuff.   Two of our kiddos still believe in the Easter bunny.   The third is old enough to know, that if he spills the beans to the other two, he will no longer get goodies.   The night before Easter ---we had to wait for all of the kids to fall asleep.  Our kids do not believe in sleep.  Something that is not surprising, since they are our kids, but is surprising because they do not yet thrive on caffeine like us! ;)   Around 1 AM we decided it was safe to sneak into the living room and play candy poopin bunny.  By 7 AM the kids were up, and than fully up, after finding all of the candy.   We do not care how early they get up, but do start to when they start to get very loud.  *Hint they get loud any time they are awake, and only some of the time while they are asleep.   We than went to a very nice church service complete with several baptisms.  I had work that night---so we just had out Easter meal tonight, very good indeed!
      It was not all that busy at work, even with the many Canadians having yet another extended weeksend.   They have sooooo many holidaze, it's crazy.   But working in a casino, we were not expecting big crowds.  It kind of goes against everything Christan or the concepts of lent, to go do everything in excess.   But who still goes by Christan ways anyway??   Almost no store is closed on Easter anymore.   Wally World pays for 8 holidays a year, but not Easter, because it is to religious of a holiday.   But they pay holiday pay on Christmas   a holiday so much about the lord, that his name is in the title.   Argue that one with management!    I have, it will get you no were fast, except a long break from actually working at work, while the managers figure out how to get you out of there offices.   Argue this on Christmas, when you get extra pay for being in the office. 
      As I said above---I found it hard to believe anything said on April 1st.  From gas attendants to my co-workers.  So any appointments we had that day, I more than half expected to get to empty buildings when we showed up on time.   We were not there, but especially in the case of the court date my mother in law had that day.    Just an empty building with a crazy note on the judges desk under his gavel.   There is always a great joke--that holds the ranks as the joke of the year.   Taco Bell did one a few years back.   Feel free to Google the rest.  You know I have.   The only prank I heard about this year was the folks up North who drove by a mannequin in drag on a potty by the side of the highway, Aye!   And those pranksters near Seattle, who changed an electronic hazard road sign near a rock slide, to read "Warning approaching Zombie attack has started!!"

      Speaking of jokes--- North Korea is in the news again!

This pumpkin scare crow still stands guard in the now empty pumpkin patch near were I work in Lummi. 
 With moving out of this beautiful region soon, I have been doing extra exploring when I can and getting some great pictures.   So stay tuned for more exploring blogs!

    This is a new picture----    and I find allllll of the prickly black berry bushes MUCH more of a deterrent than the sign.    I found a way around both.   And will have many more pictures to show soon.  

Speaking of holidaze
This open for the season sign at the near by nursery is a very welcome sign for sure!
     Another sign I need to share-----    This is spray painted on both sides of this boat.  Spotted this while roaming through Lummi reservation  last week.   Such a hi-tech security method for sure!   

   It's always time for coffee!

   You thought I was going to finish a blog post with no mention of coffee didn't ya--aye!

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