Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Exploring

This is going to be a quick -picture filled post. I have several posts from this great area of Bellingham and hope that you have enjoyed them all! Or will go back and enjoy them. Since we are moving out of state in about 60 days--I have been trying to get all of the pictures of this beautiful area I can. The cross country move and our new location will happily become my third blog series!
On this day our youngest had earned a day out-- with dinner. He chose Subway. There are so many of the sandwich shops in this area, I wanted to choose one were we could do a little exploring before we ate. And we ended up down by the bay, and the outlet near The classic and elegant Bellwater Motel.

But first we made a detour downtown to the Alamo Apartments. This is a classic old building near WWU and above the great downtown. This building has a very rich history. Although maybe not the most glamorous. And is now a three story grouping of studio apartments. The first time I lived in Bellingham, this is were I lived. Anyway, one of the residents of these apartments painted a huge mural on the large outside wall of the building.

This huge mural pictures many of the classic buildings that make this town great.

It was painted by a resident of the Alamo that was arrested years ago for painting graffiti. And now is trying to give back to the community.

The above is also at the Alamo, by the same artist. And goes down the smaller wall. If nothing else it shows how much it rains here.

Than it was time to go down to the bay.

This coffee shop was closed --- but I thought the window reflections were great! Than some quick exploring to work up an appetite.

Very close to here is an outlet of the Coast Guard. And of course a large, busy marina.

Looking back at the big city!
As the sun starts to set.

We than took off along the bay line. And saw some great views.

I always try to capture views of the sun, because it is so rare this time of year.

You can just make out the statue in this pictures background. For all of the brave sailors that went out, and never saw land again.

This was shot in front of one of the many restaurants along the water. A fountain trickles down all of the rocks and the bright light in the background is a flaming ball of fire.

Next blog post is all about exploring Lummi, Washington

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