Monday, July 29, 2013

End Of The Month And Money Blues.

                                                                   Watch out!

                                                      Just up the road in Benson, AZ
                                The light posts around Mc Donald's kind or ruin the picture. 

            So today my entire family --including my mother-n-law, took off for five daze.   This means several things.   For one, it will soon be way to quiet in the house---yes there is such a thing.   Although I am pet sitting for three extra dogs.   Very protective dogs, that like to bark  just to hear themselves bark it seems much of the time.  These dogs and our dog do not necessarily get along-at all!  So maybe it will not be so quiet in the house the next few daze.   This might all seem ridiculous to you single folk out there.  Or to anyone that is not still in love with there partner.   Way back when my wife and I first started dating, I was so used to sleeping alone, that having someone else in the bed took a long time to get used to.   A long time for me.   The kiddos were all young enough at that time, that I usually woke up to a full bed by morning.   After almost eight years of being together--- I am now so used to having someone else in the bed, that I sleep like poo, when she is not there.   This includes trips, or when I am in the dog house, and one of us is sleeping on the couch.     

Actual bush in Bellingham, WA

I may find myself talking to my morning coffee a lot this week.
Good thing no one else is in the house to mock me. 

I am highly jealous because I only have A cup manly breasticles.
And because I have been a server before, and had to use an actual tray to deliver food items.  

Good or really bad slogan?

     This all also means that I will be attempting to post in my blogs much more!   The jury is still out --if this is a good thing, for you, the reader. ;)    Including the start of my 3rd blog series!!   Sure to be great or annoy greatly!    Please do not forget to also check out MY Facebook page at:

Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

   Everything hits this page before it goes into any of my blogs.   If you enjoy what you see on any of these sights, please pass on the links!      My Facebook page is full of jokes, coffee love, Exploring, my pictures, and random rambling.   Take a look today.    OK   enough shameless self promotion.   Now on to some items that are possibly amusing to people besides myself.   But as always, as long as I am happy----screw y'al  y'all!

                                                    Any takers on that bet!??

                                                                      Just sayin'

                                                   Although if you wish to band together and make my Facebook page an Internet sensation.......
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

                                                   My wife's new sign.

                                                  If only more of us lived by this.  

                                                                 Good ol Dav!!

Please scroll threw my old posts --and play 
Look for the above picture in my last Exploring post
and guess what mini Exploring trip I took, from the pictures.  
The answer will be in my next Exploring post.   

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