Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hello Mitches!!

                        G'Day everyone!!   My last couple of blog posts have been a little bit on the angry side.  So I will refrain from that today and try to keep things on a much lighter note!   My next Exploring blog ---will be a picture filled first impressions of our new home town of Benson, Arizona.   Have I mentioned how much I like to take pictures?   I enjoy it almost as much as annoying those that need to be annoyed.  Or those that are very lacking in sarcastic termage.  This last classification involves most of the people I meet on a regular day, including my wife.  I am going to start a 3rd blog series this summer, full of pictures and Exploring Arizona.   I am also going to place all of my best personal pictures on an actual web sight.  One that is not Facebook that is--to show case them.      I know I keep threatening all of these things.   The same as I keep saying, what you will read here will be funny.   At some point-- if I keep saying this, it has to be funny.    In the mean time, Please check out MY Facebook page at:    
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head 


Just sayin'
But if you do not like what you read PLEASE actually leave a comment.
Or if you love what you read.
I almost could not even type that last line, without laughing.

                             My wife and I have been trying to make a new word stick.   Trying is the key word.  I have been randomly placing it in my blogs, and in Facebook status. 

  But alas have never heard it outside of our house.   Maybe it just isn't as kool as we think it is?   Nahhhh   it is very kool---One of those words that is just plain fun  to say.    The word is "Mitches!"   See it is fun to say, it kind of just rolls off your tongue as you yell it.   It means my b*tch  but does not involve cussing around the kiddos.   Spread the word, Mitches!

Plus I have been slacking on posting about coffee lately.  
Shame---I should call myself a Mitch for that one.  
Even I am a little amazed how much I mention the brew of the God's in my blogs.

Although I do not usually talk to my coffee cup--it might be a good idea. 
A great idea until the coffee cup started talking back. 
I like to talk a lot---my wife has heard mostly everything I have to say, 
I am not working at the moment, and we have three kids on summer break.  
So although I love talking to my wife, because she is an adult, this is not always mutual. 
My last great idea, was that I should become a radio DJ --so that I would be rambling to a huge audience--even better an audience that could not see my face--making it harder to know who's butt to kick.  
I would get all of my talking done on air, and not to my wife.  
She could just turn on the radio while I was at work, if she wanted to be put instantly asleep or something of that nature.  
Short story, shorter---she did not think much of this idea.  
So if you live in this area, rejoice your ears will be saved.  
If you have read this far--I can not help you. 
I do know for sure, that I will just stick to drinking my coffee for now.
Although I might yell cuss words at it, when my wife and I are really fighting or when the hot brew spills in my crotch. 

I always enjoy a good bumper sticker!

Wait,,,,, that's not funny.  
The truth hurts.

Although I am hardly ever as "deep" as I think I am in my head.  Before I actually type the words out.    AA Miles is deep all of the time.   Especially since most of the best lines come from a talking Poo.
Here is something more along the lines of me being deep......

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Mine is not autographed.   ;(

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