Thursday, July 11, 2013

Exploring Pioche Nevada---Land Lost In Time

     We recently moved from one extreme to another.   We started in Beautiful Bellingham, Washington--basically at the Canadian boarder, Aye!   And ended up in Benson, Arizona.  Very close to the Mexican border.   This was supposed to be a four day move.  It turned into a very unpleasant, costly, annoying almost two week move.    Along the way we saw some amazing sights and places.   And meet some great people. 

  I will show case the best stops -with lots of pictures of course.   But today I wish to focus on a very little town along the way.   Just do not ask me how to pronounce it! ;)   Pioche Nevada.   I realize this is not in Arizona, but this post will make my new exploring Arizona blog, when it actually starts.   Dig out your maps--- it is in the middle of no-were on the opposite side of Vegas.   Way on the opposite side of Vegas from were we live now, actually.   

Viva Las Vegas!

        Our kiddos left before us in the move, with there grandma.   She also had lots of vehicle issues, and she found it best to wait for my wife and I to meet them.  Pioche was the meeting spot.    We spent a few days in this town.   Giving me lots of time to explore.   This is a gem of a town.  Almost a dot on the local maps.   Passed over it seems, by more popular routes and bigger, more touristy mining towns.   This whole town was a mining town, is a mining town.  But the best part, in my eyes--is that it is not a tourist trap.     Just off the short Main Street, you can loose yourself in remains of mine buildings.   Most of these are not fenced off--so there is lots of exploring.   

After driving down hill for miles----this sits near a stopping point.

We pulled into the actual town, near dark and I was amazed at all of the wild life to be found.
And the lack of other drivers on the road.  
We definitely found our GPS useful on this part of the journey.

First glimpses of the sun.

The first morning the sun was shinning through our travel trailer windows incredibly early.  And I could not sleep.   So I was out exploring by 5 AM.
I have MANY pictures of sunsets, but am rarely up early enough to capture the sun rising. 

I soon came across a very nice city park.
Huge for such a small town.

Mine relics are memorialized all around the great park.

Kool old building in the middle of town.

The court house.

The movie house

Down the main street.  
This early nothing was open.
Even the coffee shop--sadly.

Another city park  right off of Main Street.
A large fountain sits in the mist of this park. 
But it was off this early morning. 
Still a great watering hole for our dog.  

                                      Looking back on the town.   
                                      From above the mine buildings.  
                                      That is the entire Main Street.

                                                    Inside one of the many abandoned buildings. 

For what ever reason I really enjoy exploring old buildings.
They usually make for a great picture too.
I have lots of pictures of old barns across the country in past blogs.

                                                   I do not know if it the thrill of seeing something new
                           or being some were you maybe are not supposed to be---but this is always a                                         great type of exploring in my eyes.  So I am going to share multiple pictures.  
Notice how it is sunny in the background of all of the pictures?    I only note this, because it is full on cloudy in so many of my Washington pictures.   

Passages into the dirt can be found all over this mountain and town.
I stayed far away from these. 
Because as a buddy of mine used to always say, when he was hanging out with me  "That's not safe!"
And because I am very afraid of snakes, and or cave ins.

Prime parking spot.

This abandoned building actually was closed.
Although I saw lots of beverage cans inside the fence, I minded the signs, for once, and stayed out.   

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