Saturday, December 5, 2015


   Hello all!    Have I mentioned lately how much I like coffee!?   Every blog post you say?   Coffee is my best friend for sure.  I am enjoying some right now at the Mc Grease Pit just down from my house in what I thought was a quick trip while waiting for my wife to show up.  Apparently I will be here longer than I was thinking and decided to write out a quick rambling blog post.  Speaking of coffee I Was trying to pre-make my coffee last night, because making coffee when you are not fully awake can be a hard task. Broke my coffee pot. Shopping at 2 AM can be a very calming experience. Especially during the holidaze. I did learn that workers are not sure what a coffee pot replacement is---and kept sending me to the full coffee maker isle. Also I have never seen as many stray carts as at the local Wally World. Whole parking lot was full of carts not sure any were left in the store for use. Workers were rounding them up--but grabbing like 2 at a time. When I worked at Wally World, the managers would never allow such a mess.

       When I finally get Internet at home again I will be posting more on all of my sights.  I have been trying ---and failing at getting free Internet  but have none at all still.  As always ---while I am slacking, and maybe while you are slacking please check out my local Exploring sight.  Many new posts and pictures are in the works for that page also.

       A few nights ago was crazy busy at work, especially considering it was a Thursday night.  My food sales were near 1500--- usually the sales of a good weeksend night or a concert night.  I realize the holidaze are right around the corner, but shopping and such does not usually seem to influence casino shopping as much.   Unless people are trying to win big before joining the masses at the stores.  

Once again ---long story short a local resident does not wish to pay us everything they owe
and is now talking taking me to court----a common response in the crappy town it seems.
It always amazes me how many people in this town seem to have law degrees and lawyers on hand that take food stamps and booze as payments.   Because I mean come on---if you can't pay for things like gas how can you pay for a lawyer. ---Just sayin'
No woman I know are willing to be brought...
Mmmmmmmm coffee!
And now for all of you dreaming for summer or for those of you that do not live in the desert
were it goes from spring to summer all year round, your moment of Zen.....
And now back to reality.......

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