Monday, December 14, 2015

What A Difference A Day Makes

    **"Dear Arizona if you see 22 flakes of snow--it is not a snow storm. Stay off the roads--for sure y'all can't drive on normal roads."**-----  Unless you live in Flagstaff.  They are used to snow--somewhat they do even have a ski resort, although much of there snow is fake snow.  Today they canceled schools around Flagstaff because of all the snow.  Here is a different story--although it is cold not much is sticking to the ground.  It is comical to see  when it snow in the desert.  The stores fill up with shoppers buying emergency goods and lots of food just in case 5 inches of snow accumulates and they can not get out for a week.  And everyone wrecks on the highways.  I am overly glad I do not really have to be any were today.  Although I am confident in my winter driving, from living in Wyoming so long, I am not in the least confident of any driver here.  They can not drive in any condition it seems   even full on sun, something that happens almost every day of the year.  Last year about 5 inches of snow hit and stuck to our area.  Including lots of ice in the morning.  Much more an issue than snow itself.  Everyone with there big bad SUV's thinks they can drive 90 MPH on the ice because they have all wheel drives and such  but they are just super top heavy.   This was evident on my drive to work last year after the "snow" of 2014.  Sadly because I had to work---I have no pictures of the "snow."  In the 55 mile commute to work that day I passed no fewer than 22 cars in the ditch.   Several of these were upside down--many were almighty SUV's.  I am not making light of the situation, OK maybe I am --I learned the hard way how not to drive on ice with my first car.   Being used to my parents anti lock brakes, I went off a 25 foot drop one night.  Landing in lots of snow, my car would not have been damaged-if it were not for the fence hidden in the snow.  And for the angry farmer, I pulled from calving at 2 AM to help get me unstuck.  He pulled my cars back bumper clean off the car--on the first attempt of a tow!    As I see a snow plow zip past on the almost dry I-10 my last thoughts on all this for now----Years ago my wife an I were on the strip in Viva Las Vegas---and it attempted to snow.  No one knew what to do---  I just ran around --yelling  "it's the end of the world!"  Because it was snowing in Vegas!  Exactly 12 snow flakes later the big storm moved on and everyone continued to do things that stayed in Vegas.

**What a diff. a day makes! Yesterday I was on a hike in short sleeves now today it is trying to snow.

  **"Sarcastic and Bullsh*ting are two very different arts by the way"**
         Sadly although I have mastered both---they do not pay well
-----Just posted this on my Facebook page were I was talking about how hard it must have been for our server to keep up ---with ONE other table in the entire restaurant and all.   Cliff notes--she couldn't keep up.  

                                  **"Stare down from Mr Butch!"**

         **"Warning--falling asleep on Sunday     will cause Monday!"**

  **"My plan for today----same as always be sexy and drink lots of coffee!"**

 I try to add these deep thoughts and insights in every blog post.  But have been slacking both with deep ness and with posting.  I hope you find each helpful or at the least they make you laugh.  And than sob a lil bit when you see my spelling errors. 
Cactus close up
Between "Snow storms" I have been busy snapping pictures and Exploring.
Check out my local trips    with many more pictures and posts in the works

While much of the land is being covered in snow
fall is just getting Purdy here
This lone tree reminds me how much I wish to hike and sight see in Flagstaff right about now. 

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