Thursday, December 3, 2015


No matter the day or season
never forget!

        Hello all!   I am typing this while I am trying to guzzle coffee and do laundry.   I would not have to do laundry yet---but alas I only have two work shirts, and neither could even be saved with Febreeze to work in this afternoon.  I am still trying to get over that it is December!   This year has flew by for us for sure.  But happy December to y'all!!  As things start to settle down  I hope to post much more on all my pages.   Especially my local Exploring page---from all around Arizona----Please check out the page   at

Working on lots of new Exploring and pictures for this very page listed above.
Including checking out this ruff corner at
the intersection of Hells Angels and Hells Angels!
Near 12th street in Tucson.
Mr Butch ready to Explore a few daze back.
Love this one!
To soon??
Speaking of the holidaze I still believe this stocking for dogs
--the main toy in the middle  just looks wrong on many aspects.
And that maybe it should come with batteries?
         Last topic for today---is a mini vent I had on one of my pages---about the stupid new-ish item that all the "soft" parents must have during the holiday season.   The elf on a shelf----Have you heard about this money waster?  You get this elf to put up  sent from Santa--to watch over your child and remind them to be good this holiday season.  And I must admit---it is beyond stupid in my eyes. 
    **I am sorry but this whole concept is beyond stupid. My parents never needed something like this to keep me behaved during the holidaze. Because I wanted presents. And maybe because I actually got spanked. Who is going to remind you older kiddo to be good while they are in prison---Jar-jar that hangs on your jail Bars?**-----   My above thoughts were posted after someone was looking for one of these elves on my own page.    As of yet---no replies to my thoughts.   But is it any wonder that so many kiddos are so willing to do whatever they wish?   We as a society are mainly afraid to punish or discipline our kids in any way.   And we are raising a nation that can not/will not take the blame for anything.   But what do I know?

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