Thursday, November 26, 2015

What Are You Thankful For??

    **"Sometimes I stop and wish I was a nicer person, and than I continue being the A Hole I am!"**

    **"I have to plug in my cell phone so many times a day, it is almost like having a-land line again!"**


             Happy Turkey Day to all of my readers!  I am guzzling coffee before work  so luckily you--a new blog post is emerging!  I am at the Mc Grease pit across from a large Wally World watching the madness that is holiday shoppers.  A madness that will only increase as the day grows darker and closer to black Friday.   Although most of the sales this year start tonight.  I noticed about a week ago that retail lines are already extreme and Christmas long --and I was just trying to buy Twinkies or 40s of beer or some other big necessity.   But look up--the lines will only get longer!   As I sit here--I am very thankful for coffee!   And that I am not working in retail anymore.  On daze like Black Friday not even the booze infused coffee helped.  At least now I work for tips---on holidays something I like to call sympathy tips.   I eat well with family or other wise, like this year--before or after work and than make each customer feel as though I am abandoning my family just to serve them ---and I am hoping for a huge customer turn out today.  Working a 2 to 10 PM  ish   should be very busy.  It seems not to many people venture out in the mornings for food on Thanksgiving.   This Mc D's is nearly empty.   Not that I am complaining.  I am happy they are even open. 
       This is a harsh Thanksgiving and year for me.  Having my family so close, but not being able to see them is beyond hard.  Yes I am sure I could patch things up for a little bit and be the bigger man, and see them all ---but I think right now some distance is best for us all.   I/we have had a crummy year  but I still have a ton to be thankful for!   I have an amazing job, I have a car again, a few great friends,  I am almost approved to move into my new home.  Something I really really do not approve of--but am very thankful for with my rental history and such.   And although I am missing them all immensely right now--I am extremely thankful I meet my amazing wife and her kiddos all those years ago.  We have had some amazing times and all of there hearts are 20 times bigger than mine will ever be.  For better or worse -the person I have become is mainly because of our past.  Plus---maybe most thankfully at the moment even though times have been very bad for awhile now---my beautiful wife wants to work on us   from a distance.   No finalized give up and divorce.  I am sure I am thankful for many other things right now, but the coffee has not fully kicked in yet. 

So many trails   So little time!

   I had hoped to sneak out on a short hike this morning  but bed felt to good.  If I continue to not be able to sneak into work tomorrow, and actually get productive, I will go Explore some where kool and get some pictures of course.   While I am slacking please check out my Exploring past on this very page---and on my local Arizona page.       I am in the process of many updates to this page for sure. 

Tucson Exploring at it's finest!
This town has so much to offer.
I hope to soon make a dent in my long list of local places to Explore near here.
Pictures and blog posts to come of course.
My buddy once again wondering WHY we hike.
This time in the middle of the Grand Canyon.
There is a blog---or two about that!
Please check them out---lots of blood and sweat goes into each hike,
and on many occasions after being lost for most of the day
we are just thankful to be alive and back at our vehicles.  ;)
Last thought for today.....   or at least this morning
At least in Arizona-were even the sun risks getting a sun burn---the ADOT over head messages above the highway about not drinking have changed from    *Drive hammered --get nailed*  ahahahahhah    No really!*  To the very confusing ----*Drinking and driving go together like peas and guac*
Maybe because I did not grow up in the South---but I find this sign very confusing--so much so that I am starting to ponder if I am already drunk.  Maybe the coffee still has just not fully kicked in.  Personally I do not enjoy peas or guacamole in any combination.  And would have to wash them both down with lots of booze.  What does any food combination have to do with driving drunk?  And why is big government worried about what I am eating?   Have they been spying on my pictures of what I eat --posted on Facebook again?
I have to say food post updates are one of the most annoying things that can be found on any social media.  
I do hope that anyone that enjoys posting food online---refrains from doing so today.
Because we are ALL eating the same  sh*t!  ;)


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