Monday, November 16, 2015

11/16/2015 More About Red Coffee Cups

              So after a very frustrating --even more so than usual few days, I decided to go back to bed this AM and have gotten a very late start on coffee drinking and blog posting.  Mmmmmmm coffee!  Now -sadly for me I find out that many of my issues from the last few days were in my head and that I simply over think things to much of the time.   Who would have ever thunk that ---right?   But through it all the most important aspects of it all are --that my beautiful wife and I are working on workin' it all out, I found coffee, and I am still alive and kicking.  I hope that you in reader land are having an amazing day!   For the 2nd day in a row it is rainy and cloudy here in the desert.  A very rare sight, even in the winter.  I should have celebrated by going on a long hike, but after the last few weeks, month  so far   sleep sounded much betterer to me. 

Please tell me more
You have not fully put me to sleep yet!

            For the third post in a row I need to vent just a little bit more about those Dam red coffee cups--the people with too much time on there hands are venting about.  First off I am proud to call myself a Christan---although my actions steer from this to often.  Those protesting the cups for religious reasons join the many that all to often make any religious population look  beyond crazy.   That said-and speaking of crazy---I have heard so much and talked so much about these stupid coffee cups of the Devil, that the other day I decided I needed Starbucks coffee!   I arrived to work early ---where we have two Starbucks outlets---and bought a Venti in an all red cup.   Did my coffee taste like coffee of the Devil?  No I have had coffee my mother in law has roasted, and this was much better.  But it did wake me up fully before time to start my work shift.  Did the cup make me want to denounce anything religious and forget about Christmas?  NO  all the retail decorations up before October made me already want to just sleep through Christmas this year.  My three kiddos would never let me do this sleeping beauty act though.  ;)   What I noticed as I was waiting for my evil coffee---was that the store had Christmas decorations for sale ALL over and three whole racks of Christmas Blend coffee beans.  This quickly made me wonder what all the coffee cup fuss was really about.  If a mega cooperation wanted to change anything about Christmas ---why would they sell Christmas items?   The red cups don't mean anything---they just hold coffee.   I am all for boycotting any big cooperation,  but find a better reason to do so.   This is like saying those white Styrofoam coffee cups offend me--because they remind me of snow.  And I hate snow----lets boycott those Dam cups too!   I am now drinking coffee out of a purple cup---at Mc Donalds.  I hate the color purple---no really   but after about the third sip of coffee---I will get over the coffee cup color for sure.  Personally I like the color red---and many daze it brings out my eyes....

Earliest picture of me I could find.  
Your welcome.
And Cheers!!
But than what would I write about on this page??
I have no idea what is going on here 
But sheep are safe!
A very rare oasis in the desert.
Near the pool were I work.
I have been very busy snapping new pictures
and working on posts for all of my pages. 

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