Thursday, November 12, 2015

11/12/2015 Evil Red Cups

    Hello all!   In my last attempt to post--I was having lots of issues with my lap top.  And cut the post very short.  It seems suddenly most of the buttons on my computer do not want to actually let me type.  Most annoyingly the space bar button was not working at all.  I have a plug in keyboard at the moment.  Plugging a big keyboard into a lap top--kind of defeats the purpose of having a small computer one can take any where.  But fits the function for now.  I have not posted in a long while--so was kind of angered that the computer was acting up and I did such a short post.  My life recently went into complete caous again---and I am mostly single again and beyond lost.   I am trying to bury myself in work and classes and such --and not really talk about it on here or otherwise.  I am also trying to not text her like crazy---because after ten years, I am so used to telling her everything.  If for no other reason, than that it puts her to sleep at night ;)    I am finding this ignoring extremely hard also.    But enough about all that ---for today.   In my neglect of posting I have many stories built up.  Several from motels, because I also do not have a steady home at the moment.  Hopefully I can recall them all.   So that you can enjoy the comedy/tragedy that is my every day life.   

Busily working on new pictures and adventures for sure!

      Please also check out my local Exploring page.  Full of pictures and adventures.   I am going to be updating this page also a great deal in my new found free time.


Next Exploring post is all about visiting the traveling vet memorial wall.

With more pictures and thoughts of course!

       In case you have not gotten the memo---I enjoy a good coffee story.   Writing while guzzling coffee, scrolling Facebook to much while enjoying coffee--drinking coffee, posting about it   etc.   At least until it is late enough in the day to switch to beer---and start texting rude comments to my wife.  This is NOT a good coffee story-----I do not know if any of you have read about the whole Starbucks red cup controversy-----but I find it all beyond ridiculous!   The new all red coffee cup they are handing out is supposedly a war against Christmas ---because there is no holiday decorations on it, it is all red.   The color of the devil apparently.   Please note--the cups are all still full of coffee---What I personally feel is the most important part of all of this!   Mmmmm coffee.   First off---when did Starbucks ever claim to be in any part a Christan or God fearing company?   They are in it for the money   plain and simple.  Next   who the F cares?   One has to wonder how many --huge stories we missed in the news, while we kept hearing about the Dam coffee cups?  Sounds like just another distraction for easily distracted citizens---while who knows how many Constitution rights were voided by our "great" president.    Wake up people  before it's to late!  That is .....O look a shiny piece of tin foil......


And that's all I have to say about that.
For now.  ;)
Hopefully the topic dies from the news
so that I will stop posting about it. 

I don't believe I posted on Halloween this year. 
To much work  and to a depressing of a day

Good times!!

PSA billboard style.

*Smile folks!
It will make up for my great lack o smiles right now

Please continue to visit and like all my pages

Much more thoughts, stories, and possible jokes in my next post.  
Thanks for checking this page out!

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