Saturday, November 7, 2015

a post


    hello all-----first I must explain that my laptop keyboard is giving me great grief.   The other day the space bar would not work at all--andmysentencesweremainlyamadjumble-like this.  Now random buttons do not seem to work, mainly the caps-and abbreviation buttons.  And the one that does not work the most--the button that allows me to spell things correctly--wait that is every day.  Now I would like to apologize--to  my one true reader, because I have not postd in any o my pages in a long while. Way to much has been going on in the home ront-and in a-last-ditch-attempt-to-save-my-family-I-have-been-looking-and-working-on-priorities-a -great-deal.--my-space-bar-is-again-not-working-I-you-did-not-yet-get-the-memo----so-I-will-keep-the-rambling-short-and-move-on-to-some-jokes.--I-will-soon-have-a  new keyboard. until than please check out my old posts and o-course-look-around-my-newest-exploring/picture-illed-page   '


true story
we in Arizona do not mess with
changing our
the-rest o the---world

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