Friday, September 25, 2015


                  Good afternoon!  For those of you that missed the memo---there is supposed to be a lunar eclipse Sunday night over a super moon.   I will be at work during the peak of this, but will try and sneak out and get a glance or two at it.  Right now from local fairs to carnivals  all of the neatest things seem to happening when I am at work.  Maybe because I am always at work.  That's not true--sometimes I post here--sleep--drink lots of coffee and or play parent.  ;) With my college classes now thrown into the mix.  And a bunch of nonsense mandatory work meetings thrown into the mix of the holidaze shuffle --I don't know if I want to play adult anymore.  Hopefully through all of this the things that matter most won't have to suffer to much.   In fact they may even suffer less, because I will be home even less.  ;)

     Found him!   Also work with him! Don't believe me----you try and find a manager when it's time to clock out....


          Where are you Exploring today?

How many times a day do you find yourself thinking this?
I have posted the above before
I just find it overly amusing.
With fall   some relief in the heat!
Some is the key word   we still live in the desert. 
At least it cools down quit nice at night now. 
Today's Exploring picture of the day
comes from about two blocks from our house.
This is last years fall picture. 
I don't believe anything local has started to change color.
I am also finding it hard to believe it is fall time.
I think it is great we can see a splash of color with out driving to the other side of the state.
Places like Flagstaff get the amazing wild flower show and leave changing show.
Although I have not gotten to witness either in person.

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