Wednesday, September 23, 2015


            Hello everyone!   I am typing this blog up while I am trying to get motivated for work tonight.  It is a concert night---it is also a Wednesday night.  Since the concert is Ricky Martin I did not really think it would be that busy.  But I learned last night--that the concert has fully sold out.  Plus it is wine Wednesday   -were the more you gamble, the more "free" bottles of wine you get.   So we should be packed all night long.  It is also my Monday   so am in that Monday slump, don't want to work thing to.  But hopefully the big tips will motivate me into being a real worker fast.  Again I am not really having a good week---in all aspects of things.  And finding it is very hard to fake a good mood to customers.  The same can be said when I get off work and return home.  Neither place wants to hear about your issues or gives a rats as* about your problems.  Luckily I have a long commute to attempt to clear my head. 

My best mine clearing method.
Exploring and taking pictures. 
Sadly I have not been doing near enough of either over the last few months.
I still have my local Facebook page basically closed down because of how negative many of my posts went several weeks ago.  People here are brutal   but the posts should have never had anything to do with my family of my wife.   Anyways, I am the only one that can post on my page right now, and it is greatly ticking off a lot of people.
Oddly enough since the page has been mostly closed, I have gained 30 new members.
I believe I will open the page back up fully tonight after work--well early tomorrow AM.  But we will see.   Each day I elude that I will open it up   and than don't. 
Hopefully when I do open the page again  I wont regret it quickly.
Just add "anti Christ to this
And the election choices are the same coming up!
This is a great April Fools day post  
but applies any day of the year. 
**"The police never think it's as funny as you do!"**
Words and stuff are fun.
Today's Exploring picture of the day
comes all the way from Main Street Sheridan Wyoming.
This bar always makes for great pictures--inside and out
but I just happened to be passing on fine day when this old car was parked right out front.

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