Friday, September 11, 2015

Blah Blah Blah!

       And a very hearty hello to y'all in reader land!   I would like to thank each and every one of you for coming to this page.  But I have already thanked my amazing mother -and it is just strange to thank myself for reading my own page.  So..... Done!  I guess, on to my next chore on the list!   I was busy a few daze back snapping a bunch of pictures in and around Wilcox Arizona.   I have not heard much good about the area, but I had an amazing day.  And even found some water.  Something I always take pictures of when I find it in Arizona.  A blog post is to come of course.

      And now I must vent about work just a little bit.   I have an amazing job --at an amazing place.  With real managers, good managers, for the most part.   In this economy I am extremely lucky and thankful.   The place also has a lot of workers, so they make meetings mandatory.  Mainly so the government requirements are covered by all I am sure.  Last week we had to attend meetings about all the benefits the company has to offer.  Yes they made several class option available --but the whole class was a waste of time in general for most of us.  Yes the casino offers a ton of benefits, but they are mostly for full time workers.   So the two hour class was kind of rubbing it in our face of what we could not achieve or receive.  I arrived to work early to take the class and than clock into work.  And than take some quick shots of cherry Pepsi to get me just awake enough to work at work.  A concept many workers do not seem to get, working at work.   Already prepared for a thrilling day.  Somehow I ended up in the all Spanish version of the class.   Yes my textbook was in English--but none of the speaking was.   For two full hours.   I pretty much know NO Spanish---come on, you have read my blog posts--I barely know English.   I know most of the cuss words---handy and amusing when my non English speaking customers decide to ignore me, stop ordering food, and cuss me out under there breath.  Always followed by a hearty row of laughter.  I also know a few choice words like Taco.   Helps when I go out to eat Mexican, at Taco Bell.  
     I grew up in the middle of Wyoming--and forgot to pay attention during High School Spanish classes---at all.  Because I thought---living there--why bother!?   Now that I am in Arizona -very near the boarder--almost in little Mexico it seems sometimes.  I realize I should have bothered more.  So of course I learned a ton, over the two hour, all Spanish class.   About benefits I can not even receive.  Can't receive them in either English or Spanish.  It seems.  I have many issues with all of this---that they had to have a specific class ---just in another language.  Actually two such classes.  Yes, we do live very close to the boarder, but last I checked, I still lived on the American side.  I wont go further into that mind set  just yet.  But just sayin'

    OK and now to counter this negative talk above and talk about something much greater at work.  I just got accepted in a new class that the casino is offering, and betterer yet paying for.  Last year was the first such class.  It gives me certification for motel/restaurant management.  Not only does the casino pay for the classes and the books it also counts as 21 college credits.  I do not wish to be a manager of any kind at the moment, but it will help pad my resume if nothing else.  Surprisingly very few people put in for the class.  The requirements were pretty minimal --although maybe harder to achieve for most.  You had to be with the company for over a year, few points, and almost no real discipline against you.   One also had to write an SA explaining your background and why you wanted to take the class.   So few people signed up, I do believe I could have simply wrote   Duuuuuuuuuh......... over and over again on the paper.  Or simply just explained how much I would enjoy being the annoying person/lifers at works boss.   I choose to explain more and be a little more manager sounding in my SA.   Anyways these classes start next month.  And I have to say even though it will take up even more of my time, I am more than a little excited.  I am also a little bit nervous.  I have not takin' classes of any kind for a long time.   Except for work----how to server booze to drunks and such--I don't feel count.   And have not actually studied in a long  long long time--some would say ever.   More stories, rambling and of course jokes and MY pictures in my next post!    Thank you for being a reader!! 

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