Friday, September 18, 2015

9/18/2015 The Final Countdown

                     As I sit here sipping on some nice coffee----let me pause in this mind thought/sentence for a minute here.  People keep asking me how I can drink coffee while living in the desert.  Where many a day we wake up and it is already really to hot to even move.  People do ask me ;(   And many a day I have asked myself.   The key I have found is to wake up really early, when it is still cool -ish outside--something that does not happen for me much with my new late work schedule.   To drink my morning coffee in a well air conditioned place.  OR my main key right now is to make the coffee the night before and than only heat it for about a minute in the microwave.   That way it is not to cold or too hot!  The only main issue I have been having with this thought line is that bugs love to crawl into the coffee pot in the middle of the night and die in my coffee.  Making for an interesting if not protein filled drink!   As I sit here sipping on some nice, bug free coffee---I am finding it hard to believe how close it is to October.  I don't know it if is the super hot weather or just the fact that this year has flown by in a super quick daze.   The holiday season is amazing, but from October on time seems to go by even faster some how. 

    So the other day I was taking my assessment tests through the college before my manager training classes begin.  They are some of the tests one would take before starting at the school to determine where to start you in English classes and such.  I have not takin' a test in quite awhile.  I have been wanting to go back to school, but also have not been a resident in any state for quite awhile.  And out of state tuition kills.   Anyways, the test showed --almost amazingly that my English skills were great.  Getting a 98%  97% and 89%   My math skillz I knew were lacking a great deal, but even I was surprised at how low those tests came out.   I guess I ran out of fingers to count on during the test.  I will not share the scores on those tests here.  ;)  I can say that part of the testing went rather quickly for me.   Hey--if you don't know the answer-you don't know the answer.  Staring at it, wont fix to many issues.  I am starting to wonder how smart they really want any of our managers, so maybe this is a good thing?  

I love how they included the map in this reply   to show all the water

And now an interesting fact for y'all.....
Part two of my Wilcox area Exploring
coming to my local Exploring page very soon!
This time I go on a long hike up in the rock filled mountains.
Where I found more water, trees, peace
and these majical mushrooms?
Now off to prepare myself for something like a great day at work.

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