Friday, September 4, 2015


           As I sit outside on this surprisingly cool -weather wise- day, yet another storm is starting to set in.  When I came home from work last night, or early this morning, it was 66 outside.  Almost cold for the desert.  But in all fairness when it is 150 in the shade much of the year, when temperatures start to drop, in comparison it feels chilly.  And I know chilly---without comparison.   I did grow up in Wyoming and all.  I even drove through a long patch of dense fog last night.  I have complained about how no one here can drive in the rain.  Again yesterday it proved that many of the local drivers did not know what to do with rain drops hitting there windshields instead of full on rain, so they just chose to wreck there cars.  But fog here is even worse.   Drivers some how think it is better to turn on there hazard lights.   This causes an effect for other drivers way harder to see through than the actual fog.  At least in my eyes. 

               **"If you think you can or think you can't YOU are right!"**---Family Guy

     So after months of threatening --I got a real phone.  As in a smart phone.  I know I have talked before about not wanting anything smarter than me.  Which some days  before coffee, includes actual rocks.  My other phone was a very old school flip phone that only did what a phone is supposed to do.  Sometimes.   It is very strange having a new phone.   One that works most of the time.  Although with all the features and smart ness and things to search it seems the battery is never full.  

    My Exploring page is growing all the time.  With tons of posts and pictures in the works!   Please check out the page   often.

Happily busy taking more pictures.
Do I look to much like a tourist in this one at the zoo??
**The police never think it's as funny as you do."**
True story. 
This page has something for everyone   unless maybe you support gun bans. 
I do not do to well with several parts of this.
But am trying.
Maybe this is how the Bible should start out?
I don't care who your voting for
That's funny right there!
It's the center of this page for sure.

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