Saturday, September 19, 2015


        Today is defiantly a day.  I have yet to decide what kind of day.  Hopefully a very busy day at work.  Tonight is again a concert night at work.  So hopefully we are filled up with people just waiting to eat and than hand over big tips.  Right now a gentle rain is falling.  Extra nice because it has cooled off the whole valley so a break from the heat.  I know this is the desert and all, but I have already passed my quota for extra hot weather.  It is almost October and all.   I think mainly I have not fully decided about today yet, because my coffee has still not really kicked in.  And because work really is a huge deciding factor in how the day will go.  Maybe more of a factor than it should ever be. 

Where are you Exploring today??
                   Check it out!!**

How you officially know you are in Arizona!

                                          Another blog page of mine---I have not been talking about much since we no longer live in Washington.   Explore across the great state.  Filled with my personal pictures of the amazing area.   Please check it out...


      **"It has been proven that woman with large butts live much longer than the men that point this out."** 

         **"Sometimes it's very hazy if it's everyone else or me that's crazy"**---Criminal minds

                                            **"In dog beers---I have only had one!"**

                       **"Morning has broken---Mr Coffee  has spoken!"**

I am cutting back to one cup per day!
See   there are happy cops out there!
Whaaaat!   You have not read all my blog posts yet----
utterly upsurd.
Only the happiest cows produce chocolate milk.  ;)
Opened up in our neighbors back yard.
Looks legit to me!
Still rather shop here than the local Wally World!
Just a friendly reminder that y'all will have something besides the heat to complain about soon.
Today's Exploring picture of the day
comes from downtown Bellingham Washington.
A magical place full of water and sights. 
This is not a current picture, but I have always been a sucker for water shots.
Especially when old bridges and waterfalls are in the mixture.
And super especially after moving to the desert. 
I only know because people have tried it with me.
But only a few dozen times. 


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