Monday, September 14, 2015

9/14/2015 Sounds Like Hours Of Fun To Me

                       So, hello today to everyone!  For being a Friday night at work, I have not had a very good day at all.   I have been online trying to vent the best I can, drinking a few cold ones now, and blasted some Youtube music videos.  Well played maybe, it is almost two in the morning.  Now I figured some old fashioned posting on my blog pages would help bring me closer to peace with myself at least.  That is the start to forgiving the A holes right?  More stories on all of this to come    but not tonight.   To the most annoying---   I post this song   straight off of You Tube    *your gonna miss me when I'm gone**   I used to sing it a lot when I knew I was switching from the day crew at work to the night crew.

             Coffee-30 Wilcox Arizona ----Is this the fabled lake I read about in Wilcox? 

I did find a lake in Wilcox!
Every time I find water in the desert I snap pictures. 

   Of course my local Exploring blog wishes you would be a reader and roam around the great page!  Many new posts and pictures in the works.  Maybe even a new one tonight depending on how long I stay disgruntled and or awake.  And of course a picture filled post or two from Exploring amazing Wilcox Arizona is also coming soon. 

Today's picture of the day
Also comes from Wilcox
Not a ton to say about this one   was roaming around the great down town area
and snapped this picture down by the old train station, now turned government offices.   The rose is framed perfectly by an old train car in the background. 
I have heard a lot of negative about the town, but I fully enjoyed my full day there.
The town must have been amazing at one point. 
But people and interest do seem to move on. 
More on this amazing town in an Exploring blog post   Very soon.
Sounds like hours of fun to me. 

                         After wasting way to much time on my local Facebook page
                after a post about a local bar went very south very fast   I do believe I am going to start selling these kits.    Again more on all this   later. 

I hate to admit it but I used to have this songs record  by Bert and Ernie! 
                                                                   Looks legit to me!

                                              Wait   what percent healthier does that make me, jerk phone??

                                                         BUT I am going to post about it anyways.
And than post pictures of what I ate for breakfast....

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