Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wilcox Exploring Part II--- A Hike In The Hills

  **Another great blog first published in my local Exploring Arizona page.  Part one of amazing Wilcox, Arizona.  Please check them all out and share the links with your friends if you enjoy!  http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/ **

                I really do enjoy Exploring and taking pictures.  And I find that the more of this I do the more I wish to do.  Long to do when I am sitting at home, or flustered at work.  Or when it is raining all day outside, like today.  Or just when it is sunny!  Arizona has some amazing trails and places to discover.   It also has more than it's share of sunny days.  I am busily working on taking more pictures and lots of posts and features for this very page!    So please keep coming back to see what is new.   For Exploring from all over please also check out my longest running blog page at www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com    
              It is rare that I visit an area where I feel a two part post is needed.  Even rarer still is that I post part two directly after the first post!   Wilcox was such a visit for me.  And I really hope you enjoyed the first post from Wilcox.  And shared the link with everyone you know.  Today -please join me as I venture up in the hills for a mind clearing, much needed hike. 

All arrows point to great sights from here!
Down the dusty trail to Chiricahua National Monument.
Click back a page to read and see more about a great down town district.
Speaking of that I just read that the Rex Allen days
are coming up in Wilcox  so I think the whole family is going to Explore that. 
Pictures to come of course. 
Rex Allen    himself
Soon down the road I found myself lost in the beauty of it all.
This was a paved road, not dirt but still a great journey. 
The hike was about 30 miles out of Wilcox 
so I was soon in the middle of no where for sure!
Just across from the above water tower 
I spotted this old family cemetery.
Cemetery's always fascinate me  although I am not sure why.
I found several on this day trip-but this is the only one I stopped to take pictures of.
Again the whole area was surrounded by mountains.
Not so normal, there were also lots of trees--water and rock formations.
I guess the area was recently hit by a devastating fire.  And many of the trees were lost.
But for someone that lives in the full on desert---it seemed like tons of trees survived to me.
The tree loss and general erosion also created flooding.
From what I read the park has just recently re opened. 
A great place to start any hike here.
Magical shrooms on the trail? 
I know for a fact they grown in Oregon.
Pretty whatever kind of mushrooms they may be.
Just behind this sign is a nice trail map and several picnic tables.
The water trickles down just to the left of this.  
A very nice visitors center also is in this area. 
Small but nice.
As is often the case
So many trails  So little time!
Also usually the case in Arizona, trails are very well maintained and groomed.
It was an over cast day --another rare factor.
But nice because the trail started to go up just out of the parking lot.
Yet another rare thing for me--I had an actual back pack with me
AND a packed lunch. 
The further onward and up ward I traveled, the better the sights!
Although I did not travel to many miles on this fine day.
As in many trips in the last few weeks,
I was very impressed at how much green I saw.
Evidence of the fire and probably an amazing sight when the water was flowing.
Rocks   Rocks  every where!
I was fascinated to find that most if not all of the dead trees, had
something living and or growing all over them. 
As always

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