Tuesday, September 8, 2015


    Hello to all this fine day>!   With my new work schedule I do not see to many mornings -unless I stay up all night.  I had big plans to wake up yesterday and take the kids down the road to Sonota and it's rodeo.   But bed felt way to good.  A few years ago we spent more on our bed than we have on any vehicle we have owned so far.   The comfort is both a blessing and a curse.  I grew up in Wyoming so have seen plenty of rodeos, in fact my home town has a whole week devoted to rodeo and beer!  But I am not sure how many, if any rodeo's the kiddos have been to.  Plus this town is very near the boarder and some Mexican rodeo action might be a whole new world indeed.  Wyoming was near no other country boarders.  Just other states, less square and boring states.  We lived near, near in deserted state terms, to the Montana boarder and through high school Billings, MT was always a destination on the weeksends.  Compared to my super small town, or village -Billings was the big city for sure.   Heck the town even had a mall.  A mall I went to visit about four years ago, and swear has not changed a bit.  At any rate I snuck off today--in the morning and ventured down the road to Wilcox Arizona.  At the moment I am waiting for the local bank to open.  Because I don't want my tip cash to stay in a truck I can not lock.  I was very happy to find that the local Starbucks inside of Safeway both has free Wi-Fi AND knew what a medium drip coffee was.   Our local Starbucks had/knew neither.  I might have mentioned before that I love coffee.  I really love good coffee.  Something that is way to hard to find in Arizona it seems.  My years of living in Oregon and than Washington --were coffee stores are opening up inside coffee shops---and 90% of them have great coffee and atmospehere.-spoiled me.   I will not necessarily ever call Starbucks good coffee--   But the shere amount of the stores, and most of them now having free Wi-Fi seems to draw me to the stores in my travels just like the siren on the signs is calling me in.  This is a very long winded way to say that I am still yawning! 

    Of course I will have new pictures up from today's Exploring very soon on all of my sights.  Especially on my newest -all local Exploring page.  Full of Arizona sights and pictures.   PLEASE take a look around the great page and share the link if you enjoy.     http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/

        From over a year ago, when I was not working and not enjoying job hunting or sitting at home--I have lots of pages online.   Mostly on Facebook it seems.  To many pages quit possibly.  The one above of course is my favorite at the moment.  And I am working on gaining tons of new readers--and keeping them.   My updates and jokes and coffee love go to one of my Facebook pages first.  It is also the fastest way to contact me --about posts you don't like or don't agree with, or something that happens far less, posts you really enjoyed!   Check it out   https://www.facebook.com/WyomingJackBobbleHeadsBlogs?fref=ts      You know you want to.  ;)

All of my pages need loads of "likes!"
Or hate mail.
Both seem to motivate me equally. 

                                            Just never wander to deep.

 Ok and now a few words on cell phones and such.   If you dig through my posts of past I complain about phones quite a bit.  Maybe to much for having one.  The main gripes --in a nut shell are not about people having cell phones but about them going to social events and spending there whole time in actual, non Facebook/Twitter public settings, staring at there phones.  Staring at maps, at Facebook, or at the screen video taping the very event they are at.  Possibly most annoyingly are those that are texting a mile a minute---texting people that are not at the event about how cool the event is that they are really both missing.  Because they are both not really there.   Or texting someone that is at the same event but not standing directly beside the texter.   Anyways I recently broke down and traded in my very old cell phone for a smart phone.  And I have to say it is very nice and strange to have that much technological power in the palm of my hand.  I also don't want two main things ---- I don't wish to daily prove how much smarterer my new phone is than me.  And I have seen many a great person fall to the benefits of having a smart phone.  Go from hating cell phones, maybe because they always had the space age old phones, to not being able to leave the house with out there new phones.  Constantly staring at the phone waiting for a new update, feature, or text.  Almost Zombie like, and almost to the stage of drooling all over anyone that wants to see the features of my newest phone.  I don't text much--because for the most part no one else can see my friends.  Because they are invisible.  Anyways I already do not like the auto spelling corrections.  The other day I was trying to type "luck" and kept ending up with "Lick" on my screen.  Also many times my spelling seems to be so bad that the auto correct just comes up with  "??????"  It also annoys me how hard auto correct makes it to cuss.  The words are still an option, but it makes me search for the cuss words and than post them.  I just want to say Fudge sometimes!  I have thought about using my new cell phone to type out a blog post--and might in the future, leaving in most of the spelling corrections for fun.  But fear it would take me a full day to post a few paragraphs.  I do want to use our Dragon  speak -than type program to do a blog post.  And than post below what I actually said into the computer, because that program usually just comes up with goobly gook instead of the actual words coming out of my mouth. 

Ok enough rambling for this morning.  I am going to refresh my cup of Joe and post some jokes for y'all to enjoy!   With any luck I will put down my cell phone long enough to finish this post and maybe even giggle or snort coffee out my nose from the jokes I will post. 
I call it vertically challenged. 
One of the only PC terms I enjoy using.
I don't want to talk about it.
Many have attempted to explain this to me.
Still don't see the point.
True story!

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