Monday, September 7, 2015


       Greetings this star void night!  I am outside on our car port  where it is still hot, but not as hot.  Noticing how few stars can be seen from my sitting point.  I hope everyone had a great extended labor day weekend.  I actually had Labor Day off work, but I believe it was more because my bosses did not want to pay me the time and a half holiday pay.  Hopefully I am going on a picture filled adventure tomorrow.  And finally taking a trip to Wilcox.  It is just down the road, but I have not had the time or means to do this for awhile now.  I enjoy going to the bank there with my tip cash, because that branch has very little business and the workers are actually glad for something to do.  I have heard about a lake in the area, and wish to check out if it is a lake --by non desert dwellers definition or more of a runoff of water that piles up.  Maybe it is a run off of sewer water and glows in the dark!   I have also just read about a state park just past Wilcox and think I need to check that out.  Plus my sights are running out of current pictures to share.   Plus it will make a new post or two for my Exploring page.    Lots of posts and pictures in the works for this page.  And loads of past posts to roam through.  I will hopefully have the Wilcox post up soon.  Next I believe I am finally going to do a post about living in Benson three years now.  Some how.  The good the bad and the ugly.  But mostly some thoughts and a lot of pictures.  And a very long post poned post from further down the road.  That takes us to Salem Oregon.  The trip was not under the best circumstances by any means, so I have been holding off on posting.  Plus it is not an Arizona post.  

      Hopefully some what soon I will also have several blog posts about my trip back home.  It has been to long since I have been there, and wish to take a full loop and see much of my family.  And of course get tons of pictures.  It has also been way to long since I have had a road trip.  I was talking with my buddy about our road trip/move to Arizona the first time I came this way, years ago.  And I must say it was a very bad trip at the time.   But looking back now, it was a very good road trip full of memories.  And of course break downs.   What do I recall most about the trip now, besides hitchhike and such?  Jumping in a freezing ass cold pool at our motel one night--- Exploring Ogden UT while our truck got "fixed" --all day. Having all of my items in the  back of my truck, a truck I could not lock, and having no one even open the back door to look at them --or even think about stealing them.  That's when you know you really have high class stuff  right there!!  Being lost in the deep desert for hours looking for the Wally World store my now wife worked at.   And having a cop pull sideways in the middle of an off ramp, ahead of us, lights flashing.   I have never had a cop in front of me pull me over before.  And my truck was completely illegal the full trip.   Soon found out he was not pulling me over, but picking up objects from the middle of the  road.  Still a minor heart attack for me though.   On this very page I have also been greatly slacking on story telling and have some great stories to tell  and maybe re tell   if you actually read this page.  But not tonight.   This has already become to wordy. 

Too soon?!

                                **"Stop making stupid people famous!"**

   **In the dark it takes several minutes to find the hole and stick it in----Stupid phone charger!

                                     My brothers and I Arn't we all almost twins?

Not yet!
I know I have posted this before  and
I am sure it won't be the last time you will see this picture.
This is me in front of the first Starbucks in
Seattle Washington.
If you have a problem with this sign
Call me. ;)
I only post this because I do believe at I do some Exploring tomorrow
we are going to do some BBQ!
  And now for my picture of the day.   I have been slacking on this  and it usually is a scenic picture.  It usually is a more current picture.  Although one is not to incredibly old.  We have very few pictures of our oldest.  And almost 0 were he is actually smiling    but they usually all come out great shots!  Like this one!   Now 15 going on being a driver this boy scout is about a man.  A great man at that.  But in this shot he is just bein'.  Or is a hood ornament.  Take your pick.  

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