Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11/25/2015 Happy Pre Turkey Day

    Hello!   I am never sure why this very page keeps getting views--any more so than why anyone ever finds me attractive.  BUT THIS very blog page now has over 41000 views.  And every day I stare at myself in the mirror and drool---just a little bit.  Another page of mine that is gaining on views --and comments--daily is my newest local Exploring page.  Filled with pictures and Exploring all around Arizona.   Please check it out!

Where are you Exploring today---Yo!?

     **To all of us working tomorrow---*Cheers** Stay safe and enjoy that holiday pay. Although it should be holiday + hazard pay. VERY glad I am making tips instead of working retail or something equal as horrid.  ;) I   Work a 2 -10 PM tomorrow.

      If you choose to join the masses out shopping tomorrow---more power to you, for sure!   I might be right out there with you.   I just know for certain, after eight long years of working retail----shopping with the crazy masses is much different from working with the crazy workers. 

            I have a lot of thoughts this pre Turkey Day evening-as I sit by myself doing laundry and possibly drinking my dinner.  None of them good thoughts.  Although I do hope to squeeze in a good hike in the morning---while most of the natives are resting up for all of that turkey consumption for all day Thursday.  I "get" to work most of the day--from 2 till 10 PM.  But as in most of the holidaze, the tips make it more than worth it.   Besides this year, I really do have no where else to go.  Hopefully I will manage to at least sneak off and get some great new pictures for the above mentioned sight.   All of this free time makes me wonder a few things about Turkey day---because if you have not noticed -this page is about a lot of things, but mostly about coffee love and lots of random rambling.  Rambling that often does not even make self to me after I read the posts again on a later date.   ;)    Tonight--with the help of adult beverages I really wonder what Thanksgiving would be like now if dinosaurs still existed.  Our happy family dinner might be a flying Do Do bird or something much much bigger, for sure!  I also again have to ponder why Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving?   At all.  Although they celebrate on a different week than us it seems.   We used to live near the Canadian boarder--Aye   long before we moved way down south by the Mexican boarder.  I am sure down here they celebrate the holiday---Because   heck  who doesn't like turkey!!>?   But in Canada  they really celebrate the day.   Yes they have lots of holidaze--like 10 times more than most Americans--even those in government work.  And when you live on the boarder, you benefit from both sides traditions and holidaze.   But last time I checked, even my grammatically checked and fact checked void as well as racist proof high school history books, Columbus did not land in Canada--and claim all the residents -visitors and tell the queen he had landed in Italy.   Please note---although I was taught history, when actual history was taught in schools---I may not have fully listened each day.  And I may or may not have been drinking adult--mind altering beverages this fine evening.   Prove me wrong---OR accept what you are now reading and have another beer, like most graduating high school students this year.

    I have now lived by both major boarders---and LOVE this map!!   In short I am saying nothing good comes out of California.  Ok to clarify NO good laws or rules come out of CA.  And it seems like the bad ideas and or stupidity follows right up the coast line.  I have never actually lived in California--nor do I ever wish to, but I have lived in Oregon and Washington and the dumb just seems to follow up the coast line.   Oregon is not to bad yet, because many hippies and such keep the population and stupid in check.  But people in Washington seem to love everything that comes out of California.  Including thinking anything that even looks like a gun is bad.   To bad they decide all of this over amazing coffee   and lots of it, with the constant gray skies outside. 

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