Saturday, November 14, 2015

11/14/2015---I Survived Friday The 13th

                    And a very hearty hello!    As always to everyone that stumbled across this page today.  Due to relationship and life issues beyond my control I have found I have all the free in the World.  I have also found I have a lot of things I need to do.  Unfortunately at this time I really do not want to do any of these things.  This will soon pass I am sure-especially as I watch the month fly by me as I am still in no house of my own.  More on all of this soon--because my relationship issues are a major reason this place exists in the first place.  But not today.  Today I am still thinking and drinking coffee.  Lots of coffee.  Trying to decide what to ramble about in today's post.  This very post it seems! 

          Yesterday just happened to be a Friday the 13th.  Jason---likes this!  I decided on the 12th--that my luck had been so bad in the last few months, that it could only get betterer, and that I should gamble on the 13th.  During the day I got lost in an all day vehicle sale.  And before I knew it, it was time to get ready for work.  Yes I sold the rig--for a nice chunk of change---very lucky for me, because it has been sitting-non moving for about two months now.  BUT I still had not made it to a casino.  All things considered it was a good day all around.  Although it was a very slow Friday at work, I made my tips early in the night, and than convinced the boss that they should send me home early.  Early enough that I could still gamble a lil bit on this "un lucky" day.  I defiantly did not win any huge amount of cash---I do not believe I am dumb enough to announce it on any of my pages, if I ever were to hit a jackpot.  But I kept enough ahead to keep playing for a good deal of time.  Quite possibly to late into the night.  Where am I going with all of this--you ask??  Great question.  And like most things in general right now, I may not even be sure of the answer.  One should not fear a day or an event---or life for that matter.   Just do.   Try to do good along every step of the way.  And everything can change faster than a blink of an eye, so make sure your loved ones ALL know how they rank in your life.  Enough deep from me for one day.


                 Please keep checking out my all local Exploring page.   I have many updates coming for the page.  But please check out the old posts ---while I slack.       You know you want too!


    Last rambling  blog post I talked---maybe ranted about the huge non sense fuss about a plain red coffee cup.  Cliff notes----ridiculous!   Be happy when some one hands you coffee--in any cup.  It is kind of like being offended by a plain red solo cup at a party.   Because it is not festive enough for the season.  And YES I said seasons---because it is not yet even the glorious month of Christmas.  Like the five kegs in the basement are not festive enough for us all!?   The only way such a cup would be offensive to me, is if you handed it to me empty, as in void of beer!  I also mentioned that this was a huge distraction.  Unfortunately this was also true---after reading all about the huge mess in Paris yesterday. 

               I have talked on here about motels a great deal.  And have spent more time in motels in the last few daze than I ever really want to.  Although not all of it has been bad for sure.  A lot of the time --like when I am suddenly very single---I find them very depressing places.  That big empty bed.  The fact that the room I am typing this very blog post in, is also my bed room.  Steven King rights some very depressing stories about hotels.  Mainly focusing around people going to a hotel --as a place to kill themselves and never check out.  Tucson has some very nasty motels for sure.  Rooms that you soon find are not worth the cash you saved---when you find yourself sleeping in all of your clothes because you do not want to have any body parts actually touching the bed.  I now believe that Tucson has no motel inspections after the motel is so many years old.  And have MANY examples of nasty.  In fact I want to share all of these soon in a post  just on this subject.  I have been told that the motels near 6th street each come with a free hooker to help one over look the nasty as* rooms.   I believe such freebies, would have to pay me a great deal--to even hand me a cup of coffee- and have also been told, that you have to be quick to see them, because when you turn the room lights on  they scatter like cock roaches. 
       Anyways---more on all of this on a later date---Last week I attempted to rent a room at one of the better low end motels around.  Yes in my limbo to trying to find an apartment of my own, I have learned to much about many of the local rentals.  I soon got into an argument with the owner about prices.  The huge sign out front said the rooms were $29  and I was now being charged 44 for a single bed room.  Even with Arizona's high bed tax, this math did not add up.  The manager was trying to tell me I did not know how to read the sign.  But it was just numbers   so I was pretty sure she was wrong in this thought line.  Much yelling, on my part later, I was told that the $29 was the rate per day if one bought the room for a week.  No other motel here does that---and I informed her of this.  To which I smartly heard--we do!  Heck I could have rented a nice --cock roach free room for a few dollars more.  A lot of cussing later---again from my part later--I was told I could no longer rent the room---and my money was refunded.  I was also told I could no longer stay there--even in the future.   I grabbed the information sheet on the desk with all my information---tore it into confetti---and threw it through the lobby--and walked out.  Several motels are in this same strip---but this was the nicer of the grouping.  I am not yet sure what a group of motels is called.  A bidding maybe?  The police visit most of them all the time---and although this should make one feel safe about keeping there belongings and not dying---some how it just does not.  I ended up at the next motel in the bidding line.    Long story short---I should have gotten a picture in the bathroom   because I saw --and used  a sight I have never seen before.   In the shower   was just a pipe coming out of the wall---no shower head of any kind.   It was easily the strangest sight I have ever seen in a motel.  Yes it worked for a shower---but Dam.  Perhaps I should have walked further down the bidding line? 

I find myself saying or thinking this  
all the time  
I miss the Looney Tunes 
Hows about you??
Later tonight!?

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