Friday, January 8, 2016

Welcome Back---To Me!


      I have been away from all of my pages for awhile.  And as is usually the case, the more quiet I am the better for everyone involved.  ;)   We recently had many small issues turned episodes in the grand city of Benson--involving our truck that was for sale, idiots, police, and court--because I soon had my own lynch mob on my personal Benson page--I have done everything short of closing the page---apparently you can not just close a page on Facebook.  And I deff. do not want someone else taking over that page.  You have to delete everyone from the group, and than delete yourself, and Facebook will notice it is an empty page, and make it go away.  Easier said than done, because you have to personally delete everyone from the page--one at a time.  My page has 1800 members.  For a quicker route -one can go down in a post on the page filled with curse words and such, and the whole page will soon be deleted.  I am currently letting the situation fix itself by making it to were no one can post on the page--except under current conversations.  And the only current on up--says that the page is closed!  And by slowly deleting the members in no order.  This of course is making everyone angry--and instead of just leaving the page, they are calling me every name in the book.   One good comment has shown on the page and I must share it here......

"Closed meaning not anyone can join. He started the group so why does anyone Care if he is the admin? I don't comment on here often, and the only reason I stay on is to see how upset one single man can make everyone. If everyone is so upset with the man why not leave the group on your own ???? I don't know this Adam character but I do know he brings amusement by getting everyone all fired up, essentially over nothing



  Finally had my eval. at work- only six months late. Came out pretty darn good, although it is about time for my next eval! Hard to believe I have been there almost two years now. My main negative--Apparently I am a "hot head." *Shocker!! I replied with ---well stop pissing me off...  ----I really like this job, so I really do not want to say to much more here.  I found out long ago I have no idea who is really reading this page.  And although I do enjoy ticking people off most of the time, my bosses might not need any more encouragement to call me a hot head.   I got no real raise out of all of this fun.  My checks are kind of a joke anyway, since my real money comes from tips each day.   They are giving me a lump check at equivalent to a 2 % raise for the last six months -since the evaluation was due.   So it should be a big lump.  

They said I was a four star Server!
Out of 100 stars....

     One last quick thought from work ----We recently got another new manager on our side---to many hot heads must keep them from staying over us?  Anyways I believe the first day new boss worked with us, she was told that I would come up with a nick name for her.  I have been slacking on coming up with one---and was also un aware that the cook line had come up with one for her---Beetle Juice, because she wears striped tops ALL the time.  Anyways, please note I did not come up with this one -in any way---but I still got thrown under the bus.  She confronted me about two weeks ago, positive I came up with the name, and asking why.   I promised her, that I would have at least told her the nick name I would have came up with----and she just kept standing there looking sad-and sure that I had come up with the name.  So I asked her---"If we yell Bettle Juice three times---will you appear when we need help on the floor?"    Funny right?   She just kind of disappeared at that point. 

  Please don't forget to check out my local Exploring page full of pictures and Exploring across Arizona.  I have been greatly slacking on this page also, but there are lots of past posts to check out.  And MANY new pictures and posts in the works!  Show your friends!!

                       Wilcox, Arizona Exploring

**My kids can be pretty great when they choose to be. Just like my beautiful wife!**-----Just sayin'
I have a rare Saturday off work coming up, were for once Friday will also be my Friday!  And I don't know what to do with myself.  I don't want to go on a hike, because everyone is off on the week ends.  Hopefully after I sit on the couch all morning in my underwear eating Coco Puffs and watching cartoons----my wife and I have an amazing date night.  

Sheridan, Wyoming Exploring.
Every one should have a cup o white mocha Steve~!

                    **"I have seen awful things----empty coffee cup things."**

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