Friday, January 29, 2016

1/29/2016---Yo Yo!

Bellingham,WA Exploring past.

     Greetings from the MC grease pit right down the street from me.  I am stalling before having to do laundry once again.  I have noticed several things while not having Internet at home in the last few months--one being with at least three grease pits on the same stretch of road, none of them are every very busy and like a big -food & coffee filled, air conditioned office.  Where one can also get in some great people watching.  I also am a little annoyed that so far I keep being drawn to the same place because it is easy and I know they have free MC Wi-Fi.  But there are soooo many coffee shops in the area.  And I wish to Explore them all. ;)  For if you have not yet gotten the memo---I enjoy a great cup of coffee or five in the morning. 


                         **"Woman are made to be loved not understood."**

Annnnnnd back in the dog house. It's been awhile. But it still hurts as much.-------  With all going on it has been awhile --especially for us since we have fought--but it does not make it any easier.  I am trying to live by the above quote even more--but it seems like I keep having to prove my love and I am not sure why.  It also many days seems like I am just in the bating cages swinging and missing ---there when fully needed, but only a stand by when life gets in the way.  And life gets in the way a lot.  I probably do not want to know the whole truth--but I wish we could both put all our cards on the table and move on from there in the way we both see best.  Hopefully most of this is just in my head.    I find I am fighting going into a deep funk right now---not being welcome at there house.  Where I could just sleep all day and not do anything else and be fine with it.    Enough "deep" for now Y'all. 

       My Exploring page has MANY updates in the works, full of pictures and trips across amazing Arizona-------Please check it out It is a great read while downing large amounts of coffee for sure. wink emoticon I have been busy taking lots of pictures for this page. And when things settle down more---I will be doing lots of updates. Please share the link with your friends if you enjoy what you see here!!        Depending on how much class work I get done and how early I sneak out of work---a brand new post might appear on this page yet tonight! 

Does this count as car pooling?
I have tried this at work, and the customers still see me and than ask for stuff!
Write that down!
Much more good sounding stuff -sure to be true if you think about
it long enough--in my next post!
Thanks for being a reader!!

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