Saturday, February 20, 2016


The bosses at work told me I was a four star server......
Out of 100 stars   ;(

                       **"This normal you speak of does not sound fun at all."**

                                **"Indecision may or may not be my problem!"**

                              **"Mess with me mess with the whole trailer park!"**

                              **"Life goes on for betterer or worse Coffee helps!"**

                                              **"It's not worth the jail time....."**

    My  cars back in the Dam shop. Fingers crossed its something cheap Hahaha! On a side note its my Friday at work tonight----- So I had a few new experiences this week.  One dealt with my car.  A car I use every day ---please note.  I can say that our three kiddos ride in the vehicle a lot and it is far from clean, etc.   So a few nights back I returned to my apartment complex about 12 30 at night after work.  Parked my car and ran into my ghetto house before any would be muggers noticed I had a pocket full of tip money.   The next morning -maybe afternoon, when I went out to my car---there was a tow sticker on the drivers side window.  I don't know if any of you have had a tow sticker on your car before---I have and they are made out of super sticky, NASA material and take an hour to fully get off of your window.  Best part--the tow sticker claimed that my car was abandoned.  An hour later--after I had removed approximately 88 percent of the Dam sticker, I went to my property owners office.   The worker was beyond clueless and MUST dye her hair black to fully hide all the blonde.  I kept asking why my every day drive was marked as abandoned and asked how to keep from waking up to it being towed away.  At my expenses ---as the super sticky sticker said.   She had NO answers at all.   Nothing except that it was called in--as not moving and was on the list -to sticker up.    I informed her she should locate someone that knew more--before I woke up to my car towed away, at my expense and I returned to the office, even more annoyed.  Three daze later, and I still have no answers.  I still do not have the full sticker peeled off my Dam car window either.  But since I have the car in the shop---I can say it has not been towed--yet.   

     I also have a new one from me from work----but I am not prepared to discuss it right now on here.  I must say all things considered I am very lucky to still have a job though.   More so than normal--times ten.  I say that because at work---any work place I tend to push the limits and get away with it.   Please also note our wedding anniversary is coming up next month.  Four years of mostly claiming to be married to each other!  So please note--- sappy posts might very well make there way into this very blog page about us.  The amazing comedian Jeff Dunaham is coming to Tucson just before our big day, so we are planning on going to that for sure.    Pictures and such will make it in here soon after of course.   

          As always thank you for checking out this page.  Posting here is amazingly calming for me and enjoyable.  I hope y'all get loads of joy by reading this page.  I have been taking lots of pictures of my local Exploring page also.   Show casing amazing Arizona with pictures and Exploring done by me and my kiddos, when they chose to get off the couch.  ;)   MANY updates coming to both pages.  Please check out my Exploring page now:


With our tax money ---I will be taking a long over due trip back home to Wyoming.  
I am kind of stalling until winter is more of a memory because I have lived in the desert and warmer climents for so long that cold and I are not buddies any more.  

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