Tuesday, February 23, 2016


                 **"My resume is really just a list of sh*t I hope to never have to do again."**---
                   And mine is a long long list.   

                              **"Shut up and let me practice my people skills."**

     **"Did you know?    Coffee spelled backward spells  "while you were reading this, I took your coffee!"**

    This page is a page for sure----and like most of my pages, I have found if you do not like the page, the feeling is most defiantly mutual!   As I sit here and sip more coffee I realize how much I have already not accomplished this week.  Yesterday was supposed to be all about catching up on things ---and than work called me in.  I was happy for the distraction from life in general, mostly because I can mostly shut off my brain while at work, and come home with a few bucks in my pocket.    Not as much so as when I worked at Wally World of course.   There I found I was ready to clock in just after I blocked my mind out almost completely.  Just before the stage were your mind is so blank that when asked a question, you just stare and drool all over---I am sure YOU know that stage well---than I was ready to clock into work at Wally 

But this kept me from studying--yes I have yet another class today  so that I can get even further behind.  And I did not get to post any in my Exploring blog page last night. I have much Exploring and pictures to share on this new-ish page.  Please check out the old posts, while I slack in updating.   http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/

          While at work I also learned that I won the stupid sales contest we are having last week.  Our burger of the month--is a great burger--but a Dam hard sell.   Anyways, during week one I sold the crap out of it--and one first place in sales, by a long run.  Than was a little more than surprised after selling almost $400 worth of burgers ---that my prize was a single bottle of wine, left over from Valentines Day.  The prize actually went to my beautiful wife, because I do not really enjoy wine, and because she offered me a better incentive.  Either way, I did not really sell the next week at work---and ranked 4th at the end of the week.  Last week I realized that no one was really attempting to sell the burger, and pushed my sales again---winning top sales once again.  The big question now is who will have the top sales for the whole month---the real contest---and what kind of a prize the managers feel is worthy of this. 


**The cops never find it as funny as you do**

                                                             I believe Saint Paddy's day is just around the corner...

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