Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mmmmm Coffee!

             Hello everyone.   And by everyone---I mean the one lonely/lost Internet surfer that just happened across my page this fine day!  If you can imagine it is full on sunny outside today for day number 215 in a row---welcome to the desert!  I am sitting here sweating this fine morning, but drinking coffee--watching a family move into the apartment across the way.  Mostly glad that it is not me moving, or helping them move.  I have a ton of moves under my belt---and it seems that for the most part we have moving down to an art.  Any type of move.  It also seems that my family and I are constantly moving, in a pattern just away from each other.  So what am I going to write about today?   No I am asking y'all----because some days I have an actual topic for these posts.   Most daze though --even I am surprised what gets discussed.  I have brought up before how I would love to own a coffee house---but fear I would drink away most of my own profits.  Maybe open a topless coffee shop and call it Perkies?  Just don't ask for fresh milk for your coffee!----Maybe that should be the slogan.   Just down the street I would open a liquor store ---- to cover both bases of the drinking day.   I wish to call this booze provider The 13th Step!  In coming up with all of this, I must say I have to much free time for sure.  ;)

    Work is always majorly busy--- the publicity people for the casino I work at are amazing at keeping people wanting to come through the doors.  But of course some days are much crazier than others.   And some are just plain heck with a capital ECK!  A few nights back the power went out in our whole area.  When this used to happen when I worked at Wally World---we had to attempt to get all of the customers out of the store---telling them it was for there safety, but mainly to keep them from stealing multiple crapily assembled items.  I say attempt, because the customers did not wish to leave---and because most of the workers were actually busy finding places to hide in the dark so they could jump out on co workers when the lights soon came back on.  This casino has multiple generators and you usually can not really even tell the lights went out.  But this was a big outage.  In fact the whole place went black for about five minutes.  Most power was quickly restored---but on this night ALL of the other food outlets had to close there doors for about three hours.  We some how were the only outlet mostly open --and it was beyond busy.   In fact it was an hour wait for a table during this whole time.  It was beyond crazy---and since we mostly had full power--we would have been more than glad to share our power with the other restaurants.  One saving grace---with the other joints closed, many of the workers had nothing to do---instead of being sent home, they came to our restaurant and helped bail us out.  I believe at one point we had 12 cooks behind the line --multiple table bussers-etc.  Yes it was great tip money once again that night, but the jury is still out if it was worth it.  

True story--except I use a coffee can.

         Once again I am going to promote my newest Exploring blog page.  Please check it out!!  And share the link when you enjoy what you see.  I know I keep promising this---but MANY new pictures and updates are in the works.

But I like to color!

Earliest picture of me I could find.  

Now that's funny right there--
I don't care who you are. 

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