Monday, February 22, 2016

What's Love Got To Do With It!? Or April Don't Read This

                         **"Beyond tired but can not sleep....."**

           **"If it were not for electricity we'd all be watching TV by candlelight."**---George Gobel

     **"I think I am going to stop over thinking every thing I think about. What do you think??"**

                       **"Every one has a plan until they get punched in the face!"** 

If your late for special ed class---is it proper for the teacher to call you tardY? _--Larry the cable guy

        Supposed to break records at 86 outside today. When will this dang winter be over?

      So last week it hit 90 here in Tucson---to soon most of you would say----OK I realize most of my friends and or readers are from areas were it is very cold---so I may be the only one yelling "too soon!"  for such high temperates.  Mainly for two reasons.  We live in the desert, so if it is this warm in the winter----the summer is going bound to be crazy warm.  In fact we as a town broke four separate heat records--records that had stood for years, and not just barley broke the long standing records but broke them by at least 12 degrees.  2nd I do not like anything about snakes, especially rattle snakes, but with the heat, they often think it is summer early and start to enter the trails in droves.  

     My notes number 212: when your main manager announces she is leaving the company DO NOT ask if it is because she knows the business is a " sinking ship" write that down!----   I am not sure who the new main boss is going to be, nor am I sure I wish to know.  I doubt they will ever have my back as much as the current one does though.  We are not great buddies, nor should any boss be so with any worker, but she knows if asked, I can work the company out of many a bind.  And that I have no real life, so can work almost any shift.   The manager also has pulled through for me many a time, just lately quite possibly saving my job.  

If your boss says "get out!" you won the argument

       I love my wife and kiddos with all my heart and I really love that she now usually even is happy to call me her husband, but is this "holiday" over yet?

              So I have written a lot about Valitmimes day in the past.  Mostly about how I/we do not like the fake holiday much at all in our house hold.  With the passing of my wife's dad last year, and his funeral being held on the day, the subject is even more taboo now for us.  I did get to spend the day with my wife and kiddos, but we did not celebrate.  For many reasons I chose this year to delay my love post on here.  I also have a picture filled blog Exploring blog post in the works from our trip to the celebration of life, but have been really holding off on posting this.  Next month is our four year anniversary of mostly being married--- and two things really stand out to me right now------   a few things....
    Whats love got to do with it----we love each other to no end every day  why do we need a day to show this.  Why do I need to keep re proving my eternal love to her?  Why is there a low flying helicopter flying over my apartment complex, and if I go outside, will I get arrested?   Why do I wonder so much?  Why do people as amazing as my wife, have to suffer so much in life?  Why would jock itch even be a real thing?        Here are some other random thoughts about it all.....

V times day is just around the corner and so is your stalker/lover?

     **"If you find yourself sad that you are all alone on Valentines day, just remember....  no one loves you on the other days of the year either."**

     **"Being someones first love may be great, but to be there last is perfect!"**   ;)

I have been looking at pictures for while now. ten years of amazing times with the love of my life and our kids. made even harder because she recently told me that when she passes I can really be with the girl of my dreams. April is my life my dreams my everything. I honestly can't see or want s life with out her. and I often ponder why I keep needing to prove this. forever and a day...     Go after the wife of my dreams  hell I married her.  And will never be the same since.  She has made me for better or worse the person I am today and I would like to say we have become near perfect.  At least much more for the better than for the worse.  She is my everything and will always be the love of my life.  \

As I watched the news a few nights back I could not believe all the idiots I saw supporting Hillary for president.... long story short I really believe she is the anti Christ. Yeah Trump has issues including hair that is alive. But Dam I think him in office would be hours of fun

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