Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick Week In Review

Things have been extra hectic at our house.
And I am still having trouble believing that June even started, not to mention it is now almost over!
School ends on the 22nd, and the end of the year activities are crammed in, especially with three kids.   With summer just around the corner, and the added week of school daze because of "snow" during the winter, the kids have already checked out.  And the teachers are pretty much there also!  I went along with our youngest and most of the Larabee Elementary school Friday on a field trip to Fairhaven Park.   Three hours of running around the park shows the teachers have also checked out for the summer!  The worse part of the trip, was when they decided to attempt to sit all of the kids down, after hours of running around, and have them participate in a group sing a long.  Wasn't happening--is the cliff notes!

He also was in his first play at school!  As the lazy dog.  Very kool!

Above I put snow in quotes because compared to measuring snow by feet in Wyoming, were I grew up, the few inches of snow they saw here last winter was nothing.  I have talked about this before, but in comparison-just last month the Rockie Mountains saw 5 feet of snow in one day.  In that last big storm the west always gets, before the two months of summer.  After that joy, they go directly back to snow.

Among other things---summer time offers some great sunset pictures over the bay!

This week the sprinklers start up at Fairhaven Park.  And the movies on the Village Green in Fairhaven.

Village Green
Just to the right of the white screen for the movies. 

 And summer officially starts!  The 20th marks the summer solstice --the longest day of the year.

 Also the only day of the year that you can balance eggs on there ends.   Try it!  I don't fully understand why it works, but it does.  Something about the gravitational angle and positions of the Earth --sun--and moon.

Call your daddy!
Tell him to buy eggs and try the above on the 20th AND in case you forgot to call him yesterday.
It was Fathers day---you are excused if you were hatched from an egg!

    My dad is overly great!   If for no other reason , because he still puts up with me!   He has also been married to my mother for 40 years!   A feat in this day and age.  And I love them both to no end! 

   Now on to some other things---I have not had time to blog about lately!   

Recently our terrific daughter turned 11

  Our oldest son--who is also about read to have a birthday.  Why do they want presents every year??   He received his second GRR award at school.  For going above and beyond the expected.  
He also just had a reading for some poetry he just wrote at school, but my schedule did not allow me to make that.  

My long time buddy "Professor Getty" blew through town for a few daze and we hung out in the woods.   More on that in an upcoming exploring blog.  

      And than on Friday we made the long trek across the state for a family reunion and camping trip.  
Usually I make a high speed U-Turn in the road if I see this sign ahead *although you can't beat the towns slogan. BUT it was an  awesome weekend in Greys Harbor!!
Again--much more on this and beautiful Lake Sylvia soon!

I take pride in what I write.  
I also enjoy how easy it is to contact me.  Both through my blogs or my page on Facebook.
Sadly few of my readers ever seem to have comments or feedback.
Many times I test this by adding topics or thoughts that might start a conversation 
or anger others.   Kind of like a "mini-mini rant"  My next one will be about the coal trains proposed to run through Bellingham.  Here are a few local hot topics and my thoughts on them:

  I can't wait to head to the reservations and buy some good fireworks! While they are still legal. How un-patriotic are all of those fools trying to ban personal fireworks? Read up about July 4th---and than tell me I can't shoot off fireworks! If I am un-safe--that is MY problem, and you can than refer to me as Stubby!

      One last "mini vent" for now----- With all of the recent violence in Seattle---guns are going to be harder to get. Don't protect us from guns---protect us from idiots! Everyone in Wyoming has 12 guns---mostly to protect themselves from the government and to hunt & protect there livestock. They do not go around randomly shooting people because they have learned gun control and The right to bear arms.

In closing---I have posted this picture many times before-- but had always thought it was photo shopped.   While we were traveling through Washington over the weekend on the Air Force base, I saw this actual sign.   I am sure you are not as impressed
I am very from Wyoming and very easily amused.  

Many new blogs and ideas to come in both blogs!   Thank you all for your readership and support!!!


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  2. Coffee and signs...drinking one while viewing the other produced a lot of confused humorous sobering thoughts ;)

    I don't know where you find the time to keep a blog, but you have a lot of things here that made me smile.

  3. Thank you. I have many readers, but few leave comments. And there is always room for new readers of course.