Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Idiots Every Where

Bisbee Arizona Exploring

                 **"The only way to screw up jello is to run out of Vodka!"**

Thus why you bring your own coffee!!

   I have meet all kinds of people from all over with all types of jobs but I have never meet anyone that works in a dildo factory. Have you? I mean someone has to be doing this right?  

                               **"Never trust a government that does not trust your guns."**

                                                             **"Your sweater looks like yarn vomit!"**

        I always like to add some highly motivational quotes and deep thoughts to my blog posts.  Collect them all to add some flair to your daily conversations and or boring ass Facebook page.   ;)   If you already have lots of flair, I might of very well stolin' a quote or three from you ---so thank you!    If you do not know what flair is, watch Office Space, easily one of my top ten favorite movies of all time.     I am now guzzling coffee---thankful that it is a little bit cloudy outside instead of full on hot.   Even in the dead of summer I still start with at least one cup of coffee  but it is very hard to do.  Those of you that do not understand this, do not understand the benefits of coffee fully, and should probably stop reading my blog pages.   I kid!   Guzzling coffee is nothing new for me, but today I really need it.   I was planning on doing some early morning Exploring today, but I find I need to go to the local police station.   More on this "fun" later, but I might have given a glimpse on how corrupt many of the local police are, so going there is usually low on my list of to do's.

   I do have recent Exploring pictures ready to go up on all my sights and should have time today to post at least once on my Amazing Exploring Arizona blog page.  Full of pictures and Exploring from across Arizona.   And sometimes beyond.    Please check out the page and share the links if you enjoy!!   

Picture I took just outside of the casino I work at Monday on my way out of work.

   I have to say so far this has been a very lame monsoon season, at least in this  part of the desert.   Weeks into the season, we finally got a good soaking and like two storms that barely got the ground wet.  In fact people were covering Facebook with pictures of the big storm---mainly pictures of -get this!, rain!!   GASP!   Come on rain!!   Come on rain!     At this point   I would stop whatever I was doing, including work and visiting with the police at the station, and just go out and stand in the middle of the cooling rain.   I have not actually been home when the run off just down from our house is flowing, and not passable through the road.   We have a back road into our house, so I could still get home ---some houses we have lived in in the past, had no back way home.   But I would probably sit by the runoff and watch it run if I was home ----it really is an amazing sight for those of you who have never seen such a thing.  Basically the desert floor can not handle all the water that is coming down and it rushes ---deeply to Mexico.   This is all amazing to watch, from a distance.   Most residents do not comprehend the from a distance part   and every year at least one family is rescued from the rushing water.   Usually picked up by a dangling rope from a helicopter.   That family gets to be on the news and than gets to pay there rescue bills because of this magical law in Arizona called the stupid motorist law.   Basically if you are dumb enough to try and cross any run off, and you get stuck and need to get rescued----BAM!    Your a stupid motorist!   This happens every year, usually multiple times.   But not so far, because there has not yet been enough rain---anywhere in the state to put out all the Dam forest fires, or to get stuck in and or washed away to the sea.    Keep up my friends, are you sure you are reading the same blog post   here?  Why does this happen every year?   Because ---and I am in no way saying I am the brightest crany9on in the deck, but people are very rapidly getting dumberer.   Really    deep water--rushing water---super fast moving and rising water, lets try and drive through it kids!     Your an idiot and deserve that 10 minutes of fame on the evening news, and your tickets!   Don't believe me, about people getting dumber----just listen and look for all the ads it takes to keep people in the summer from leaving there kids in the car-----I have written about this one MANY times   and think that these ads should not even be needed.   So your driving with your toddler ---that is screaming than singing that coughing, than throwing up, than yelling Wally World shopper, than throwing toys at your head............   than you pull up to your favorite fast food joint or retail store or strip joint, and are so excited you don't recall there is a baby in the back of your car.   Your baby in your car.   I can't even comprehend this   or why we would even need signs and radio ads about this.   Apparently it is happening so much   we need ads every where  to take your own baby, your own blood out of your car  before buying all that cheap disposable crap for a disposable nation from Wally World.   After your kid is rescued are you than going to kool your kiddos off on the drive home by driving through a running wash?    Lock your kids in the car for any reason, if they are not old enough to simply walk out of the car when they wish, and you should loose your kids.     No ifs ands or butts.   And it keeps happening
      Last year a lady back east left her kids in the car,    and while she was in court fighting the fines, the police leaned she had her kids waiting in the car.    Why does she still have kids?????   I am getting mad just typing all this.   And I just read  yesterday of a lady that was arrested for having her kids in the car 130 temp recorded inside the car, as they drove her to the police station for booking, she kept demanding from the back seat that the officer turn up the cars AC  because she was getting hot.      At that point   if I was the arresting officer, I would have stopped the car, turned it off, and had an emergency call inside the nearest coffee shop.   While she sat in the patrol car as long as her kiddos fried in her car.   But what do I know?  There are a ton of reasons I am not a cop.   For sure!  lol    IF you have done either described above and been charged  PLEASE contact me    !   If nothing else to warrant your stupidity     because I don't understand how either could ever be a ticket for anyone--and I have drank a lot of my thinking brain cells away.    Contact me on this very blog page    or by e mail   PLEASE    id love to hear from you   before you contact Jerry Springer           You can comment directly, and quickest on this very blog page        or my personal e mail   is

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