Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17th And All Is Well--Hahahahahhhahahah!

         ** Holy Monsoon Batman! On my drive home as I was nearing the truck stops I knew I was about to be dumped on. The whole sky was being lit up pink from constant lightning. At one point the highway was flooding over and even the semi drivers were slowing down to s crawl. I have lived in some rainy states but this is/was a good storm. Down pour all the way home**---  This was two nights ago on my way home from work---made more fun by our new vehicle having incredibly bad wiper blades.  I have lived in Oregon and Washington for a good amount of time, so have seen rain, but this storm also had me a little on edge.  Heck we have even seen worse here--with purple skies leading into hail, but we pulled over than.  I think what made me most cautious, was the fact that the semi drivers were driving so slow---these usually slow down to 80 MPH and blast through everything.    And the fact that I have hydroplaned before---Going to fast, sideways down the interstate was kind of fun, after I survived and did not flip my car.  But during the fact  I needed a new pair of undershorts.  Anyways, it was a good storm, finally ---I survived and just want to state that I did not get any pictures on that day because it was dark outside---between the multiple  multiple lightning flashes, and because   y'all have seen rain before.   Although Arizona residents act like they have never seen rain before each and every day it rains of the monsoon season.  

    I am again, or still pretty much living at work.  If I could keep some of my money   this would be a great thing.  But I guess if I we are a little ahead and all our bills are payed, we are in the "privileged" group in modern America, right?   I had another really good report from a mystery shopper a few daze back.   And am still wondering where my free food from that one is.   ;)   Most of the managers now know how quickly I will change my work schedule for a free lunch or three.   I am also now working six daze this work week, because of a concert this Tuesday.  A sold out concert supposedly.  Gotta love concert season, our supposed slow season because the snow birds are back home getting there lives together to leave before the snow starts flying.  This is about two weeks away if they reside some were like Wyoming.   The snow birds are also sitting there laughing at us desert residents battling the 100+ temps every Dam day, and watching us super amazed by rain ---during the rainy season.  My boss is worried that me posting about working six daze this week is complaining. I informed her that I will not start complaining until that very night--A busy night for sure and also day six of my work week for sure.  ;)

True story!

In my rare free time   Exploring and getting some new pictures.  
Check out my Arizona Exploring blog page.  Full of Exploring and my personal pictures.   You know you want to!

New product at work for sale. Wine in a can! I have not laughed this hard in awhile. My house is the house in the picture lol. The only thing that could make this better is if the pictured house had wheels. Wow! Thanks wine in a can, I'm still laughing!!!!  I really love how classy all of this is, working in a casino/resort and all.   The white can is a Chardonnay -so it must be good, with a hint of tin in the bottling and aging process. What --did Budweiser open up a part of there plant for this new venture??   There is also a "Rose" flavor   not pictured.   I laughed about this the whole first day we started serving this---and still am really.   No one else has been as amused with the story---mostly not my wife, but hey, as long as I'm amused   right!?   
I am sure I will post much more about this.    But enough for today.  


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