Saturday, July 8, 2017

July 8th---Yo Yo! Or No Confrontation

                                                   Too Soon?
                                           I would almost bet there is already Christmas displays up in retail.

               Welcome back!   I am never sure why anyone would come back to this sight, but I sure am glad so many of you do!   As I sit here drinking my coffee this fine morning, in the little bit of waking hours I have left, before returning to work.  I wonder how smart it is to be drinking coffee, with it already so warm outside.  Yesterday Phoenix once again broke heat records for the day.  Yeah I already know I live in the desert, you don't need to keep proving it to me.  By it being hotter every year on this date, and than hotter today than yesterday.  The most part right now is that we are not really getting any rain.   Cooling rain or otherwise.  Last year by now, most of Tucson and Phoenix were flooded almost every other day.  Because when it does rain here, as it should be doing now, the rain really has no were to go.  And the drivers that don't realize water if faster and deeper than it may appear, even though they see   and laugh at pictures of people stuck in the flood waters every year, find themselves stuck in the water, every year.  Except this year, so far, there is not any water.  I really hope this changes soon.  Not that I fully want to see people stranded in the water, I do---but to kool us all off finally so that drinking coffee in the morning does not seem like such a dilemma for me.  People that do not fully understand this, do not live in the desert and do not fully understand all the perks of coffee!  
     Not drinking coffee really is the most dangerous drinking game I have been involved in.  I can cut out all other caffeine in my daily intake.  And have cut out coffee all together, but not drinking coffee fully brings out my mean side.  And those that are around me, especially in the morning, quickly feel I should go back to drinking large amounts of coffee.  And I am to please, so I do.  Especially in weeks were I seem to be at work more than not.  And with my commute I need loads of caffeine for sure.   The true trick and mathematics formula at night when I return home from work is having enough caffeine to stay awake during the long drive, but not to much to were I return to work fully wired and bouncing off the walls, were sleep fully is not an option.  I believe I have typed about this before but the 2nd most dangerous drinking game I have been part of was when I first meet my mother in law.  My now wife, her mom and I were playing quarters in the living room of my new residence.  To start I was actually winning the game.  At some point the mother in law looked at me, and proclaimed  "Now I am going to start playing!"   She must have easily sunk 40 quarters inside that shot glass in a row, and mainly decided I needed to drink for most of the shots she made.  All I can say is this is back in my youth, when I used to drink more, and I never made it to the bedroom my first night in my new home.  I slept under the coffee table.   

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    My current main boss talks about no confrontation a lot around me.  Not really with guests  but with other co workers.   She that this is not my first rodeo and I like to voice my opinions on work skills and than move on.   After I am much calmer --and the other worker trys to avoid me the rest of the work day, also helping with me staying calm, and than  usually runs to management  because I was mean and the truth hurts.  Any time I have a run in with people out side of work, just before I get on my personal soap box and give a "speech" I think about the no confrontation idea.   And honestly in this day and age, telling people they are wrong   loudly is needed.  Bottling it all up and just taking it to stride can be bad for you.  Case and point, have you ever seen the movie  "Falling Down?"   Extreme case and point.  This man  lets everyone walk over him on a daily bases.  And than one day he finds himself in stalled traffic for construction and as he looks around non of the workers are actually working.   And he snaps---big time.  In fact the rest of the movie is about confrontation.  Times ten.  In fact near the end he ends up with a missile launcher some how, I have not seen this flick in awhile.  And shoots a missile through a man hole I believe  under the still not working construction workers.   Although enjoyable to watch, he might have takin' things a lil bit to far.  But I do see way more cases similar to this, of people just having enough and snapping big time happing across this great country.  And I have to say I understand it just a little more every day.  I don't approve of it  but understand it.  So my little rants  and yelling lectures, I might of had one yesterday in the Safeway parking lot, are actually planned out and possibly very true if you were to take the time to listen before getting fully offended by the words.   But these mini episodes also keep me from being on the evening news some day.    Most likely after climbing on top of the local Wally World with water guns   squirting potential shoppers in an attempt to keep that stores sales lower after a confertation with one of there dead beat managers.   Just sayin' !  ;)

  When you live in the ghetto --by about the 8th of July it becomes almost impossible to distinguish between just more fireworks and just more gun shots.------Just sayin'

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