Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Born Month To Me

         Hello all!  All of you that celebrated last night --and or had an extended weeksend--and are just now deciding you need as much coffee to function today, as I do on any day.  Today is the 5th of July, and I some how had Independence Day off work.  And today!   Although the daze leading up to the holiday were crazy-crazy busy at work, even Sunday night.  So being off work, I only need a little bit of coffee to get me through to afternoon when it is to hot for coffee, so than pop.  And than quite possibly tonight--beer!   Wooooo!   I do not wish to sound fully consisted in the title of today's blog page.  I do realize a lot of really kool people were born or hatched in this month also.  Including my amazing mom---who's birthday just happens to be the day after mine.  And our oldest son, who somehow just turned 17 on the 3rd!  And of course most importantly ---this amazing country became everything it is in July!!   A HUGE salute to all of those that made this country free and still do!!   Although it could easily be argued how many of those freedoms we still really have.   But I wont go there today.   Those same people --would also bring up that MANY anti gun supporters were celebrating the 4th across the country, and day brought to us fully by guns and ammo and cannons and weapons and force.  BUT what do I know!?   Bringing this up might force a bunch of college students and Snowflakes to the nearest safe place!   
                             **"How is that impeachment going, B*tches?"**--- Donald Trump

I just took this picture last night while waiting for the fireworks to start.  Just off the main drag in Benson.   There was a bird in the branch   but when I finally got close enough to get him in the shot, he got spooked and zoomed away!    If you look real close you can see the moon just to the right of the branch.

    We had some fun yesterday for sure-  and I intended to show the pictures in my next Exploring Arizona post.  I also hope to sneak off early in the AM tomorrow in our new, to us, rig and get in some good pictures and Exploring.    New posts very soon!!  Please check out all the posts   and share   if you enjoy.

This month the A stands for 'Merica!' Where are you Exploring today?

    So fireworks have always been an iffy subject in Arizona.  This year we are not really getting any rain out of the rainy season so things are beyond dry.  Much of the state has been on fire already this summer.   And I saw reports of several fires in Tucson last night, probably from fireworks.  I really wanted to set off some of our own fireworks this year, but am deeply afraid to even touch a cigarette lighter this year.  We have a fire pit in our back yard, and lots to burn in it, but I wont start it at all, because of the huge fire danger.   I am thinking that here anyways, they probably put you on a watch list if you buy or even look at fireworks in Arizona right now.  I just saw a report of one town in Arizona that fully banned all fireworks and used big ass rolls of bubble wrap  to drive over in there parade, to jump on   to just pop.   Kind of kool actually!  Luckily local fireworks shows still went on.  Although it looked like to me, A Mountain in Tucson ---A place they shot fireworks off of ---A place we almost went to to view fireworks, but did not want to deal with the A hole traffic     was ablaze during the fireworks show.   A blaze that was most likely started by A firework or three.   Be it from the big show or some rebels lighting there own stash.   It also sounds like this happens almost every year----If so A big Boooo for the city planners that allow this to happen each year.  But talk and pictures of this flame, with the big fireworks over head really make me wish we had made the trip.   ;)

Being from Wyoming  I love this picture!


   I have now typed "Fireworks" to many times and am going to go on to something else   at least for today.   ;)

This post and future Exploring --as always is brought to you by COFFEE!! 

            **"I think The Discovery Channel should air on a different channel every day"**---I posted this on Facebook a few daze back, and honestly don't think most of my "friends" understood the humor in this one.  I will give y'all a second to think about this one.  

  I love my customers and its rare that they shock me. Last night one did. He wanted to know what size our fish from the fish platter was. I said they were mediumm sized. He got mad because he didn't know what size medium was. I replied with, well they are not to big and they are not to small! Cliff notes: he was not amused

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