Friday, July 14, 2017

F Google---After It Helps Me Locate This Coffee Shop!

               I believe I have mentioned several times how little I like the sight Google.   Don't get me wrong I still use the sight for many things, mainly because there are really no other good choices.  Besides the sight knowing everything-beyond everything  like could probably 2nd guess what random randomness I will type on Facebook or this very page next.   It is proably reading this right now, plotting against me and my online daily routine and history because I am talking negative about it.  The thing that bugs me most about Google right now-----and I try to turn off the evil location device every chance I get.  BUT when I get lost, it's the most helpful directions giver, and many of my apps for getting free items around town or locating vehicles we may wish to buy, or the such  use Google.  Anyways, I try to keep the locatoer off at all times.  I kind of figure if I do not even know were I am most of the time, no computer should know my location.  When I do turn it on ---BAM!  it instantly knows right were I am.  Even if  I am in the middle of the desert---I can push a button, and Google will show my location on another evil web sight, named Facebook.   ---Standing by a corner in Winslow Arizona....     BAM!    I told the world, says Goggle and than laughs evilly.  OK not the world   I don't have that many friends online.  Except my amazing readers of this very sight!   The feature that annoys me the most right now, about once a day, through the joys of Google   tells me  that ---traffic is light in my area.   I reside in the middle of the desert in a very small town, that can use the big ass cactus down the dirt street to give directions by.   Like three cars going by our house in an hour is a traffic jam.   Of course traffic is light here.   I never see this notification when I am nearing work in the heart of Tucson.  Where EVERY street is currently under construction.            Easily 2nd most annoying to me, is the location pop up.   If I drive to Wally World, than spend thirty minuets trying to find a parking spot, than walk the equivalent of ten football  fields to enter the store, BAM   I might know I am at Wally World!   As I finally near the front door   smart ass Google locater pops up a note on my phone  not only telling me I am at Wally World, it tells me what store I am at.  And what I am going to buy at that store.   And that even though it doesn't feel like it, I really should consider getting a cart for all of my impulse buys.  OK it really does not tell me all of this, but it knows my location  and it probably does tell all of it's subscribers all about me from what items I bought at that store to how long I was there.  Some how.  It does, possibly more annoyingly tell me, after it tells me what exact store I am now at, others on Google Chrome enjoy seeing pictures of this ghetto Wally World!   No they don't!  Stop lying to me evil Google.  You just want more information from the pictures to feed into your data bases.  

Google police -pin pointing my exact location!


   If the above angers you ---from the content to the spelling mistakes, simmer down and take a look at my Exploring Arizona blog page.  Full of my pictures of places people to actually want to view and our Exploring!   And most of the time I am deeply lost ---so no Google maps involved!    Please take a look around this page

    **"You put the "F U" in Fun!"**-----  Well you put the FU in dysfunctional   is perhaps a great come back for this.   ;)

   **I am just going to wait to see how long it takes this police sketch artist to realize I am describing him.**

**"Finding out what annoys someone you hate, is like winning the lottery."**


    This happened a few years ago in Benson Arizona.   A very strange place to say the least.  I have lived in a lot of small towns but non were the people are so screwed up     I would to say it's the heat, but we still live in the intense heat in the heart of Arizona, and the people in our new town are actually friendly.  And NOT all meth users and dealers.  Cliff notes, they like there meth in Benson.  We had to move out of the town  simply because we had to many teeth.   After to many conversations with local residents, I came up with my own slogan for the area    that I wanted to put on bumper stickers-- I'm not gay but $20 bucks is 20$ bucks!   wait that's not the slogan----  My local slogan was    "Meth logic   you don't have to be a user to use it!"  Because if you try to argue or even have a conversation with about anyone in this town they have great comebacks like, Well cows have Dam purdy teeth-if you kiss them twice in the moonlight.   Wait ---what!?    When you enter Benson ---Google maps warns you to hide your meth, loose cash, and sense of logic.  Better yet don't enter the town   just keep on driving....\
Anyways, as I said this was I believe three years ago, and pretty much sums up the logic in the crappy town:

     True Benson Story: So after hours yesterday of an admin. of another local sight attempting to run my name into the ground--- she offered to meet up with me to discuss our issues with each other. Telling me she is at the city park all the time for baseball practice, and that "she could hold her own" whatever that means. At some point my wife got involved in the conversation with this fine woman. And the other woman also invited my wife to come meet her. Edging us both on -online even mocking us for not showing up at the ball park. She even told us that she was sitting behind the 3rd base line. SO we showed up at the park--- My wife went up to the woman--shook her hand and said "My name is April Adams glad to finally meet you." Instantly the woman panicked and kept yelling that my wife needed to get away from her! What happened to just talking? She than needed her buddy--an off duty cop, to step in and threaten to have my wife arrested if we did not leave the public park. We just wanted to talk and ask yet another person how they "know" all about us without even meeting us. What a joke. Anyways short story --boring, We have now decided that we are going to become avid baseball fans! See you at the park----!

Hard at work getting pictures and Exploring!

And now your moment of Zen     you read this blog   now.........

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