Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Day Another Post

          Cheers to all of my amazing readers!  With what I put in these pages it often amazes and always humbles me how many people actually read this page.   This is my first and longest running blog page and it is often filled with very random rambling for sure.   The same results seem to surface if I am drinking coffee or adult beverages.  Just a few hours ago I dropped my wife off at the Greyhound bus station for her several day trip to LA, California.  I always hate to see her go---and upon returning home I can not seem to find sleep.   So lucky you, I am going to make another post!   The other night at a great concert my extremely neat camera got overly wet, even under my shirt---   much of what I do online, comes from the pictures I take, so I am still working on all of that.   But I just downloaded all of the pictures that were stored on my camera, and can happily say that the rain did not effect them in the least.   I was very happy about this, because the pictures went clear back to the 4th of July and because there was well over a hundred pictures on the camera.   I will slowly be putting them up in regular and Exploring blogs for your possible enjoyment.    Again thank you to everyone that enjoys and likes this page!   When I was not working I accumulated a lot of pages online   from three blog pages to random pages on Facebook---next post I will list them all for your enjoyment.  And in hopes that you will join and "like" them all.   This  page has seen a ton of changes and has been around for a few years now.   I would like to hope that at least a few of the many views to this page are actual repeat visitors who maybe kindda like what they see here! 
      Speaking of adult beverages--- I have before talked about the pure joys of a shower beer!   I tried to explain all of this at work the other day, and no one appeared to understand what I was ranting about, but I can almost bet everyone tried it when they got home that very night!   It is a very easy concept.   One drinks a bottle of fine beer or two while taking a shower.   And you do not exit the shower until the beverage is gone.   If you do not angle the drink right, it could be a very long shower for sure.   I can not emphases here how enjoyable and relaxing this really is.  You just need to try it for yourself!   Do it now   you can read this mindless drivel at any point.   I am just making all of this up as I go anyway, after just taking a very long, very mind clearing shower beer break.   Tag   now it's your turn!

I stole this from my brothers page and laughed and laughed.
Most people do not seem to find it as funny though.
This is how my dog sleeps.
He does not know he is a pit bull and is beyond friendly.
He also has huge balls and likes to make sure they are facing us at all times.
Not that anyone cares, but I turned even older in the merry month of July.
I received some great gifts.  
Including this bag of Woods Coffee!
Arizona is full of bad coffee---so this gift from Bellingham, WA was very welcome. 
At least my coffee will never go cold in Arizona!
My family also got me and filled this great frame. 
Now I just need to find a place to hang it.
Notice Mr Mark made a spot on this picture gallery.
I keep threatening   but now I have downloaded all the pictures, so our
local Exploring will be up soon!
Here he is in Tombstone, AZ
My family also made me this amazing state quarter  framed set.
All of the states are there with the quarters. 
So after five attempts  
I finally made it to the top of A mountain in Tucson.
More on this VERY soon
A wee baby cactus for your enjoyment.
I have never seen one this small before.
It is vertically challenged for sure.
And is about a foot tall.
Bigger version overlooking Tucson.
More pictures and Exploring coming your way when it is not
2 AM and I am just a little more awake!
Next Exploring blog post comes from Benson, AZ
on the July 4th parade.
Again please ignore the date stamp on the picture, this was this year. 

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