Sunday, August 3, 2014

August Is Upon Us

      Washington is a wonderfully amazing place for sure--if you have ever called Washington home or just want to see some of my better pictures  PLEASE check out another blog sight of mine mainly centered around Bellingham, WA.  A place I lived four separate times.         For ALL of our Exploring and my pictures please also check out my first and longest running blog sight  at        And lastly but not least   PLEASE check out MY Facebook sight---all of my jokes and pictures and such make it to this page first.  It also features LOTS of coffee love of course and is the quickest way to complain to me!  Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head    Check it out   You might laugh once or twice.   Might is the key word!! ;)     Enough shameless plugs for all of my spare time fillers.   Please check out all of the sights every day.  I really do have many many new ideas and posts in the works for my Arizona page.  I know I keep threatening.  Thank you all for being readers and for being so patient. 

    **"So for those of you who have not gotten the memo---I am full of crap 90% of the time. So when I am awake or talking--- the words coming out of my mouth are usually jokes and or sarcastic. "**----Me  ;)

     **"Are you going to watch Fight Club 2? Wait--the first rule is to not talk about it! So since in the first movie they made soap out of peoples fat---is that like extreme "bath salts?"**---If you do not know about bath salts, it is probably best to stay in the dark.  It is a newish drug that you can smoke that is now illegal almost every were---mostly because several people tried it across the country, and than tried to eat there friends faces off.  No really.  They also have "plant food" that is basically fake weed  it is called this so tobacco shops can sell it.   Why do I know this---ummm because I have kiddos in school, and want to be up on the newest drugs before they ask about them.   Yeah--that's my story and I am sticking with it!   On another note there is a new store in this small town that sells actual bath salts---those that you add to your bath water to make it smell good and even more relaxing.   This lil town is a great place  BUT it is also full of scammers and full time drug users--So I have to wonder how often the older owners of this small business get asked about other products. 

     On another almost similar note---at least in my mind---- I have to bring up a new alarming and or overly retarded trend that our youth is grasping at full force.   Our youth is our future, and we might as well be takin' over by Zombies   because we are doomed, and at least we all already know the Zombies have no brains!   Anyways teens are covering there selves in lighter fluid and lighting themselves on fire on film.   Do they not know that fire is hot and hurts a lot?   I can not even comprehend this level of DURP.   Dim-witted Urban Redneck Parole as I lovingly call it.   And if our kiddos ever try anything this DURPy  or more so, the fire will not kill them,  there mother or I will though. 

At least the phones are smart
On the same note. 

**"I don't understand why everyone is so worried about what is posted on other peoples pages. Worry about what is posted on your own page. Coming on to my page to tell me how much you dislike my thoughts--is just going to cause more drama than my original post. And why are you on my page in the first place?? Don't like it---don't linger on my page. Maybe I want to vent about bad coffee that was to Dam hot, AZ locals calling it a dry heat, tampons, or why enema's can be bought in two packs. Maybe I don't want to tell you everything about my wife and I's fight---because I want to come off as the right person, for once. More than not I am just trying to start crap. In that light here is my post for tonight--- My wife's baby momma lives with us ---any guesses on which of our family members is the father? I'M betting on April."**----I often marvel at how annoyed others get at postings on pages that are not there own.  I might have to go to court soon about posts that were on my own page.   Above is my latest thoughts on all of this.  Unlike Facebook, you have to physically click on this page to view my random rambling.  And although I love complaints, it all comes down to, if you don't like my thoughts  get the hell off this page.  Thanks for playing! 
  **" Ted Nugent for president."**----I posted this online---but I am sure Ted has posted the same kinds of topics.  He has some great ideas and was just in Wyoming touring.  If nothing else that proves he knows where Wyoming is, and that puts him ahead of many politicians for sure!  Plus he is very pro gun.  If you have not noticed by my pages, they have something for everyone, unless you are in favor of gun control.  AND maybe best of all, he can take on all of the haters like a pro.  I just watched a video were he expertly replied to many of his many haters and it was awesome. 
   **"Last year I joined a support group for anti social people--we have not meet yet."**
This works---try it!
The more you know!!

  We are sitting here watching "Lego Movie" and I have to say it is not near as lame as I figured it would be.   Although since I am also typing this blog at the same time, I am sure I am missing a lot.  I am also enjoying that the mighty monsoons have returned and it is dumping rain outside!   I love this weather most about Arizona.  Land of the sweating sun!   Anyways, first thoughts on the movie--it's not super lame, Big Brother makes a big appearance, and they mention coffee a lot!   Now you know why I like the show. 

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