Monday, August 4, 2014


                  Hello all!   Today I had a rare day off were I actually had the day off.  It seems on many of my daze off work, I have more to do around the house than I would on an eight hour shift at work.  We had time to BBQ up some good burgers and I had some brew.  Tomorrow I hope to wake up with the kiddos, something I rarely do with my new work schedule --and go on a nice Exploring hike while taking some pictures.  Earlier it dumped some nice cooling rain on us all.   The monsoon season is happily making a come back in the area.  After it is so hot for so long, I love this rainy/flooding season here the most.   And now a rare attempt by me to appear deep and some award winning jokes of course.  Because my page is nothing if it is not full or random rambling. 

    And now for today's Exploring song of the day    Enjoy!

That is not funny!
Mmmmm coffee!
Did you think I would not post something about wonderous coffee in today's post??
Please  stop!
Nana is not amused at this product or Wally World for selling it!
This blog page and my Facebook page have something for everyone.
Unless you think we should ban guns.
Than maybe you should find new pages to visit.
Want to argue your point with me
Quickest response time is through my Facebook page.
First updated and all
Check it out
True story!
    My Mini Rant for today---don't worry I will keep it short. "Like" if you agree----- post if you do not like what is here--- I am so sick of everything being in Spanish----from signs to the main language here. And customers that get mad when I do not know Spanish--and have to play Charades to figure out WTF they are trying to order. I realize I choose to move to Arizona, but when we lived near the ...Canadian boarder we did not have to cater to the Canadians. They were visiting our country for cheap groceries, gas, and entertainment. If I went to visit another country and eat, and didn't bother to learn the language--I would have the worst service ever, because it would not even happen. I DO NOT like your attitudes, your pretending to not know that in America we actually tip good service, AND I REALLY HATE PLAYING Charades. Just Sayin'-----I am not racist to any race---I hate everyone equally but come on.
Court date #1 today to clear up my name against local rejects & help keep my wife and kiddos safe from harm while I am at work all night. Not to mention actually keeping my great job. All of this over a thieving lying "lady" and her daughter.---Court date #2 very soon--to hopefully throw all of this BS out of court.  More on all of this when I am less angered on the subject. 

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