Sunday, August 10, 2014

Daze Off Filled With Court, Visiting, Arguing, and Coffee

           Hello and happy August to all of you in reader land!  All 2.5 of  you to be more exact.  I do not how it is for you, but for me this summer has been flying by.  In a way that is nice, because it is even hotter than hot in Arizona in the summer time.  And because it means I am staying busy with work and all.  On the home front we have been fighting a lot--so it is kind of nice that time is flying by with that aspect also.  My wife and I are nearing nine years of being together which is amazing, but with that we also know the red alert buttons to push with each other and the fights can easily go south very quickly.  I wish I had the answer to stop it all, but that does not seem to be in the near or distant future.  We do both have mini vacations of sorts coming up, so maybe by a miracle we will come back refreshed and recall why we fell in love and why we have made it so long together. 

       My buddy is coming into town for a short visit tomorrow afternoon.  And we are ready to annoy the locos for sure!  I have three days off work this week for his visit, with one as a paid day off from work.  Lots of pictures and blog posts on this page and my newest page to come of course.   Exploring all around beautiful Arizona.  Please check out the page and share it!!   **

    Today's Exploring song goes to my buddy that flew into the area last night. A few daze in Palm Springs and than he comes here to help me keep all the local crazies in line! I don't know if he drank on the plane --I do know it's a great idea when on Greyhound bus!!

   ** Can't wait for court on Monday. After eight years of working at Wally World--I know how to argue with a true rocket scientist. And sometimes the best defense is to just let the other person talk! Who is really dumb enough to lie in court paper work? Someone dumb enough to lie in court. After that fun--- I meet up with Mr Mark in Tucson for a mini vacation. **

Hopefully his visit will not result in more court dates--for me anyways.  Tomorrow marks court date number two for me to straighten up some local issues.  That are more annoying than anything.  But from my past and my marriage I know how something small can easily turn into something huge that followes you around for years.  Hopefully tomorrow I get everything thrown out of court and can sleep much easier free from some of the stupid for a little longer.  I will not get into this to much right now--- but this picture reflects my thoughts on the whole court case and my recent arguments online. 

If I lose this "friend" in court it will be a win.
Sometimes the best way to lose someone is to lend them $. 
In case you recently lost your girl
We can tell....
Sounds Perrrfect.
Sign me up!
Good times!!
Next post I will go more into the court fun.  Unless I go to jail   I think they only give Wi-Fi
access to those in prison not jail.
I will also post more about recent arguing with idiots.  Or DURPS as I like to call them.
Dim-witted Urban Redneck Parloes. 
I am not the smartest crayon in the pack for sure--if I was I would not pick fights with my wife--ever.
But man I feel smart arguing with many people online. 
The best part is they think they are stressing me out  and it actually is a stress reliever for me. 
I particularly hate when they argue something into a circle that does not prove any point at all.  Or suddenly become busy and have a life, when my part of the conversation backs them into a complete corner. 
But what do I know. 
Also very soon an extra picture filled post
from our new home town in Benson, Arizona.
As of June we have lived here a year now.
And I at last think I have some neato pictures of this very little town. 

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