Sunday, August 31, 2014

That's My Kindda Night Or Dear Journal

      First off, tonight I would like to thank my readers for being so faithful!  And for hopefully passing on the joyous word about this very blog page.  Or the few readers who just keep clicking on this page by accident hoping they will finally read something funny and or find porn here.  At any rate this very page just hit 33,000 + views!   I have other pages also but this is the longest running and most read of them all.   As I read my past rambling, much of it that seems like it would only be enjoyable to me--- I am glad that I have so many viewers.  And I really wish that I had started this page years ago!  Because if nothing else it is much like a journal for me  of what is going on in my crazy, but amazing life.  

   And now a mini rant----I have been slacking on this for sure   and hope to bring this back as a regular featureless feature every Friday as it used to be.  Simply type in "mini rant" in the search portion of this very blog page for more such examples.  You will not be dissatisfied.  Especially if you are a long time reader.  Thus already numb to actual good comedy. 


**My mini rant for today** Involves ALL of the people that either do not understand or simply do not care what the left lane on I-10 is for. I can tell you it is not for going 50 MPH! When I am in my redneck truck -people pull out of the passing lane, when I come up on them but in our little POS car people just laugh and drive slower. Maybe you have not read a drivers manual, but unless you are a ...Highway Patrol officer that takes pride and gets his kicks out of driving super slow, and watching no one pass him, it is illegal to drive in the left lane UNLESS you are actually passing someone! After 8+ hours of work, I want to get out of Tucson, before I get shot, and get back to my home and family in Benson. NOT follow behind some dippy-Skippy Sunday driver that doesn't know how to drive in the correct Dam lane! Emphasize on the Dip! If you were in the wrong lane and got flipped off after being tail gated over the last week, I DO NOT apologize here. --Just sayin'
                                        But as usual     what do I know!!?
        **"I would like to thank my middle finger, for always sticking up for me!"**
Fire pit tonight staring at the stars a few brews clear perfect warm night That's my kindda night!    I really do believe there is a country song that fits EVERY kind of occasion and mood.     Prove me wrong if you do not believe so.  And I will proudly and humbly call you a rock star for life.   I do wish that my new buddy would have joined me for a brew or two.  But the kiddos were more than entertained by the great powers of the fire.   I was fully into all of the stars as they slowly appeared in the night sky.  But than too was fully occupied in all the fire had to offer.   Something  that has had such power over mankind for so long.  
    I have been slacking at posting my Exploring song of the day AND of making fun of Wally World for awhile now.  To accomplish both   
  Today's Exploring song comes with a video. And is brought to you by the letters W M and Y for Yuck! or Yummy depends on what your into I guess.
   For more retail  box store hate   please visit yet another sight of mine   on Facebook     Yeah yeah   before I had this great job, I might of had   waaaaay to much free time!
You really didn't think I would forget to post about coffee today did you??
Two words
Stay Away!
You go   baby!
I found this on a local Tucson restaurant sight
It makes me wonder if they ship in the crap or if it is local?
Sooooo sick about hearing about the ice bucket challenge
To soon?
Today I just read about some dumb ass that is in super hot water after dumping ice water on his baby  or someones baby on tape for the challenge.  It really could not get much dumberere
I hope!
  Wyoming fits in this too!   I just read where it is already snowing in the hills around Wyoming.
     Last thought and or personal promo for myself.  Please check out my newest blog page!
Exploring full of pictures and thoughts. All around Arizona. Please take a look at MY page and let me know what you think.

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