Sunday, September 7, 2014

Welcome To September!

      I am sitting here over joyed that the sun is mostly covered with clouds today.  Temperatures are again near the 100's here in the desert -so a cloudy day is a very welcome sight.  Although it is still beyond humid!  I know we picked living in Arizona, or the Land of the sweating sun, as I so affectionately like to call it, but as I typed this very paragraph I sweated out enough sweat droplets to feed a large army of sweat eating bugs.  
      I also can't help but notice how close to 9/11/2014 we are getting.  I notice this, because the date stamp is on my computer screen, and because everything on TV is a reminder of this day right now.  All I choose to say right now, maybe because I am to busy sweating, to think properly.  Is that security in the name of fear is something well beyond real security.  Big Brother is growing very strong very fast, and how much more secure do you really feel on a daily bases?  Or when you fly-anywhere??  

    On a some what related note--I have been reading a lot lately about more dips wanting to raise the minimum wage across the board to $15.00 an hour.  Seattle and Mcdonalds workers were recently the only ones pushing for this.  And apparently slackers all across the US put down there weed pipe, and took notice.  Have you tried to buy anything in Seattle recently?  It costs a fortune!  From $6.00 regular cup of coffee to there being no MC dollar menu at Mcdonalds    this is before the proposed/and crazy wage increase. 
    Government should not have a say in all kinds of things, but in the name of safety they have more and more control every day. I do know that if the $15 / hr min. wage ever happens --the American dollar and economy will soon fully collapse. I have lived in both Oregon and Washington--states with the highest min. wage in the lower 48 states. Sure min. wage was near $9 an hour--but EVERY THING else cost a fortune. I wait tables here in AZ--and because I make tips, I only make about $5 an hour as my wage. BUT Arizona's--especially Benson's cost of living is amazingly low
Exploring Slae's
Prices salshed today olny!
Today's Exploring song is like an Old Spice commercial and takes you all over! It is also my pick -since our youngest would not stop whistling in class one day a few weeks back and got in trouble.
My newest blog page looking for new readers. All local pictures and Exploring. Lots of fresh ideas and posts in the works. Please take a look around and let me know what you think!
I believe my next Exploring post for the page will be from the amazing Pima air and space museum in Tucson. 
I of course have lots of pictures from a recent trip there. 
Hopefully I will get this post up this afternoon!
At the moment I am kind of enjoying slacking and not working.
             All I can say is I worked at Wally World for 8 long years---two of that at the service desk.   The customer is not always right--even if they can yell amazingly loud. 

Today's picture of the day!
A feature I keep trying to bring back to this page--but keep forgetting to actually include when I post. 
I found this while Exploring Tucson with a buddy.  I have many pictures of the larger versions and of desert plant life in general.  It constantly amazes me how many different kinds of plants thrive in the desert. 
This is the first cactus like this I have ever seen that was so small!
It was about a foot tall.
And I had to snap this shot. 
                                                           Coffee can take you any where.
                                           What do you see when you stare at the clouds??

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