Sunday, September 21, 2014

He Was As Popular As A Turd In A Punch Bowl!

Amen to that!

                         A hearty hello this fine evening!   First off I would like to thank all of my viewers to this page.  The more I try to define this page, and set goals for it, the more my mind seems to stray.    I am happy to say that my thoughts here do not usually make it obvious that my mind seems to have a permanent home in the gutter and does not stray far from there.  Making me the person at the party that is often by themselves and possibly not minding that loneliness.   The life of the party until they start speaking---don't like my thoughts--don't ask me for advice or read my blogs--- just like a lone turd in the punch bowl.  This page most often resembles a journal for me.  And I enjoy reading past posts quite a bit.  To see if I have grown in the years I have been writing these.  And to see what has been on my mind, and what I have been up too.  I hope that you the reader also like the journey.  Through the random rambling and around the poo in the punch!   If it was Hawaiian Punch -the poop might actually make it taste more appealing.  ---Just sayin'   All that said--- I am not sure where I was going with this sentence anymore.  I thank all of my readers from the top and bottom of my heart!   Truly.  And I know you are out there    just this page of mine is about to hit 34,000 views! 

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Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head
     So the other day I was talking about gloom and doom and rain and flooding and depressed storms--O my!   Since it took me awhile to get back to the subject I hope that no one was waiting with bated breath to see if we got washed away into the Mexican Ocean.  Or wherever all our water goes.  Water does not stick around long in the desert.  Part of the problem in this big storm.  Luckily Tucson and our area did not see to many problems.  Although much of the rain came our way.  Local rivers are still way above normal.  Actually they are usually dry, so WAY above normal.  And many places saw some flooding.  But all in all it was a very calm storm for Arizona.  Luckily for us all. 
   I did spend lots of time arguing with ill informed Tucson residents that were very angry that the storm was not really much of anything.  They had missed several days of work, because of threats of a huge storm and were mad about loosing cash and pay.  Probably not as mad about missing work time.  I was thankful that the storms were not that bad and still think that missing a few days of work, beats having your home or family wash away in the flood waters.  Plus think how many days of work one would miss if they died in the huge storm?  But as many times seems to be the case, me using logic made me the turd in the drink.  ;)
     As the storm grew nearer and the rain got worse, and the flash flood warnings got extended, I was actually pretty nervous about a very bad after effect for our area.  We started to see pouring rain about 9 PM and well after midnight the rain had still not let up.  I did not sleep much that first night, fearing waking up to a trailer surrounded by water and a town that needed to file for an emergency plan.  Some how things were not that bad at all for us.  I do not know where all the water went, but it did not pool up in our town.  I do have some pictures of local back ups of water.  No actual flooding.  But I will post them next blog.  For they are still in my camera. 
Actual sign from Tucson
Where city officials handed out 1,000's of sand bags.
And now a few of the many slam jokes I have about a little city
named Detroit.....
Tomorrow just happens to be Monday so I thought I would share this now.
My wife's grandmother is coming to visit us this week.
She is an amazing person, but I can't help but find it odd that she is coming all the
way from Washington to visit.  Many times it was hard to catch up with
her in the same state.  Never the less  I/we are VERY glad she is coming to visit!
In preparation I have been trying to go through all of my pictures and organize them.
Mainly so that I could make her a special gift. 
I have a lot of pictures so this is no small task.
From pictures of the kiddos   to Exploring pictures to just random pictures I use for my pages.
Today I want to share three of my favorite pictures of our amazing kiddos!
Two years ago we escaped to Mt Vernon Washington
and went to the amazing tulip festival. 
On WWU campus Belingham WA
while we were visiting all of the sculptures and artwork on the large campus.
Train ride we all took out of Bellingham, WA
Seahawk Pride!
Each of these adventures just happens to also have it's own blog post  in case you were wondering!  
Next  I feature my favorite tree pictures from across the country. 

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