Saturday, September 13, 2014

Smile It's Saturday The 13th!!

              Hello all!   It again has been awhile since I have posted on any of my blog sights.  I accumulated lots of pages when I was not working and had way to much free time.  And now that I am working full time hours on part time pay--I seem to have trouble finding the energy to post or keep up with any of my sights.  Today I have some down time in the middle of the day and hope to change this.  I found a nice air conditioned place --essential again today, and a place with free Wi-Fi.  I was supposed to work early this morning--and got out of bed and coffee filled very early--than drove to Tucson, again very early to find business was slow and we had to many servers on the floor.   Since I was scheduled to come back tonight--a concert night, they let me leave work very early this morning--and upped the time I start tonight.   But after all of this preparation, I only put in three hours of work.  It really is not worth paying for gas, and battling the heat to drive home for a few hours, so I am roaming around Tucson instead. 
       For this post I happen to be at the rival casino   just down the road from the one I work at.  I found a nice cozy spot towards the motel were I can sit and enjoy and basically be out of the way.  I wrote one early morning post from a very neat spot at my casino, but it just seems strange hanging out there.  Were workers that pass know I work there, and security can just be watching me at any time.   Plus I spend plenty of time at my casino it seems. 

   Today's Exploring song of the day----
                 Your gonna miss me when I'm gone.

                    Our car has no stereo right now.  So it makes the long drive to and from Tucson even longer.  It also seems to make my road rage worse!   But that is a different story.  Unless you count me being gone, in this song--from being gone, in jail!  Anyways, this song has been stuck in my head for the last week on my drives to work.   I can't tell you why--  but is seems like a good Exploring song to me.   I will work on having my Exploring songs of the day   actually be daily.  ;)

    For lots of our Exploring around Arizona, please check out my newest blog page:
     I hope to update it this afternoon --finally.   Again it has been to long since I have posted on that page.  

If this is real
these are possibly the best sales pitch people around!
                                                               ;)   What was the name of that
                                                            beer commercial partying dog with the
                                                black spot around his eye?  This sign reminds me
                                                       of those commercials.

And now to keep in theme with almost every blog post
Some coffee pictures!
For MANY more coffee love pictures please visit my Facebook page:
Last selfless self promotion for today  I promise!

                                                                    Mmmmm Coffee!

                                                                   All grammar Nazis rejoice!

**"No matter if you think you can, or think you can't---You are right!"**

                                                 Everything right now seems to deal with illegal aliens
                                            and if they should be in America or not.  No matter what your views  on this topic happen to be---you are probably wrong in some ones eyes.  

As today's post title suggests---it is Saturday the 13th.
Not Friday--- so we can all be safe for another month or two.  And Jason can sulk in the corner with his big knife collection. 
Garfield the cat finds Monday the 13th MUCH more worry some.

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