Sunday, September 28, 2014

9/28/2014 Another Month About To Bite The Dust.

              Hello!   As many of  you ---including the great state of Wyoming, seem to be jumping right over fall and going right into winter--we are really enjoying the cooler temperatures finally moving into the desert.  I love many of the fall and winter holidaze.  Although it is a long drive to see any fall colors from here.  And not ever having to change our clocks in the state of Arizona is beyond great.  Although I find I never know what time it is, when I try to call my family and friends.  I think the worse part of fall may very well be that everything from coffee to air fresheners turns to pumpkin flavor.   I strongly believe the only things that should taste or smell like pumpkins is pumpkin pie, pumpkins, and maybe jack o lanterns. 

     Tomorrow is National coffee day!   Like I do not celebrate this every day.  At any rate if you have a Pilot truck stop near you--you can download a coupon and get free coffee there in the morning.   And I do believe it is the last day of free coffee's at Mc Donald's also.  I am still not sure why--but free things always taste betterer!   OK not always, those free Maxi pads left a strange taste in my mouth. 

     **So you took the time to find a picture clip ---saved it--and posted it here to show us how little you care about the topic?? Kudos!**---- I have several pages online.  And other people often annoy me on these pages.  I posted the above after someone put a picture link on my page describing how no one cared about my long winded topic.   The other thing I really dislike is people that write and announce that they are leaving the page.  Why they dislike the page, why they are leaving, how much they dislike the page owner   etc etc etc.   Just leave the Dam page, it does not have to be an all day event. 


Is a sign that says "cash only" prejudice to other forms of payment? And is this only for American cash? Change bills??**----   Just curious.   I am so tired of political correctness.   About the only PC term I tend to use a lot is   "vertically challenged."

My wife prefers to say she is "fun sized."

                            **"Support the economy    Buy more ammo!"**

                                                  **"Water makes me wet!"**

    **So at work---I work in a casino--- right across from the restaurant I work in are two huge slot machines. I watch people hit $$ on them all the time. This morning some lucky guy won $2555! I really want to drop $50 on max bet into the machine some day but my buddy says I will only get max screwed in doing this. lol**

    **"Just killed a black widow on our front deck. O the joys of living in AZ were everything is sharp-- including the grass and everything wants to kill you."**---This also includes my co workers it seems.   ;)

Want to feel small?
The above picture does a great job of that for me.
And now for your moment of Zen.....

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