Thursday, October 2, 2014

Happy October Y'all!!

                        We have a dry erase very large calendar in our living room.  Everyone in our family has a color, and we put everything going on in the month on the calendar.  Each month the calender is very full and very colorful   but this month it is extremely full.   Highlighting the list of course is Halloween.  In fact I am proud to say I am already wearing my mask!   ;)  Also our road trip to Lego Land for which we leave this Sunday.  If you live close to us and are reading this--- our angry pit bull is staying in the house, and several people are house sitting for us.  Another big highlight of the month is my wife and my unofficial official anniversary of first meeting  this year will make nine years!   We have officially been together longer than I worked for Wally World now.  Where we first meet.  It being October the Christmas decorations have already started to appear around town.   Wally World has a full isle up already.  This is both exciting, and depressing!   I do still have a big laugh each time I see the mini version of Santa using an out house decoration though!   In October I also have another court date over some local BS and receive three pay checks from work.  Although with my low waiter wages, and the tips being the real pay out each day, the checks are kind of a laughing point some times. 

                                                           A sock monkey rendering of my
                                                               wife and I!

Soon I will get back to featuring my mini rant section each Friday!
I have been posting them on a local page to get reactions.  No surprise even with 500 members, everyone keeps quiet unless it is to complain about my family and I.  Today I posted two!  Enjoy!??
As my family and I almost daily get hate from local people who have never even meet us----I have to ponder two thoughts. 1.) I realize I really don't give a rats behind what y'all think and B.) I find it hard to believe how much hate comes from what is supposed to be such a God fearing town. That post the other day that got 300 comments---was soon full of pure evil comments. I realize God in his day was very judgmental and hateful to all he meet O wait.... Although there are some amazing people in this town the other seems to be the majority. Luckily when you post or try to comment back to me you usually show your true colors so keep posting away fine people! Another real life example that going to church every Sunday makes you no more a Christian than standing in your garage every day makes you a car.

  And #3 of course arguing on FB is about as productive as talking to our 10 year old while the TV is on.
      Today's mini rant. I am so tired of reading teens posts on here---full of angst because there life is sooooo ruff. You still live at home---what is so bad? You spent $300 on a phone instead of a car and have to walk to work, and now your thumbs are triple jointed from texting so much. Wait you don't have a job, so while you were walking to the store to buy an 99 oz soda--and texting--you walked into a stop sign? It isn't much betterer when you are full grown---causing  your own issues and posting about them--but at least the issues are bigger and Facebook does ask what you are thinking. Please note the same as evil people do bad things----stupid people do dumb things--usually to themselves. I have done plenty of stupid things, already today even, but I was never utterly shocked about the outcome. At some point you grow up a lil bit realize you have a family to support/or you are single and have a drinkin' habit to support and you forget about expensive phones and such. ---Just sayin'
                                      Just in! This pages new complaint form. Enjoy.

I posted this on someones page that owes me cash    and he had sent me a small payment before the end of the day.   lol
I posted this on Facebook and am very happy to say my English teacher liked this.
Girly excited laughter
And lots and lots of coffee!
                                                                  Sign me up for 80 of these!

                                                                 Hands free device!

I will claim no knowledge of this post
 if you get caught doing this to anyone. 
If you try this   PLEASE take pictures. 
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