Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Rain Rain --Feel Free To Stay

                      **"Hooray for cooling rain! Now to hope we don't get to much!"**

                                       **"I want to git chocolate wasted too!"**

                             **"Don't like guns?  Don't buy one!  There now wasn't that easy??"**

                                   **"There will be no working during drinking hours!"**

            **"No matter if you think you can, or think you can't.....   You are right!"**

     Hello all this very wet afternoon!   It seems that a hurricane has came on land about an hour ago near here--- and although it has been deeply down graded to a tropical depression now, we are expected to see lots of rain and flooding o my!  I would normally think we were to far inland to see to much hardship, but by the reports --it is time to sell the row boat and buy an Ark.  Tucson is already seeing many rain related issues.  But it is a much bigger city with lots of roads built following or crossing major drainage routes.   The local news is not much help---with one report basically saying it might rain a lot  or it might not....

   ** As now Tropical Depression Odile wobbles its way toward Southern Arizona, Tucson will get much more or less rain than anticipated depending on which course it takes. Stay tuned here, on Tucson News Now, and at noon on KOLD News 13 for the latest.**
  It actually seems that the news is doing it's usual tactic of scaring the crap out of everyone.  Sand bags are being filled by the dozens.  Which makes me wonder why people are buying them, when there is free sand to be found, every where in the desert?  If nothing else please think before you drive through any bodies of water.   Beyond thinking how fun it will be!   Last week when we got the huge rains, the kiddos and I did some great "puddle jumping" in our redneck pickup and I managed to get some neat pictures of flooded roads and such.  The main part of this depressed storm is supposed to pass over us about five tonight---so maybe I can get some good pictures.   I will share these very soon.

My mini rant for tonight
I complain about this every year but it gets earlier every year---Y>>? One full isle of Christmas items are now up at Wally World. I love this time of year, but WTF most kids have just started back to school. And yes it's called CHRISTMAS --cashiers. If you do not have enough balls to wish me a merry Christmas, you deserve your job at Wally World. --Just sayin'

   I love this video   about road rage gone wrong  or maybe right?   I bet this person thinks twice before he jumps out of his vehicle in a rage again.  I am pretty sure Sponge Bob was one of the characters that schooled him.

     Lots of Exploring in the works for us, and posts from past trips.   Including a trip very soon to Lego Land!   In fact that will be early next month.  Our youngest won 4 free passes to the park.  Of course I will have lots of pictures from that road trip.     For local Exploring please check out my newest blog page.

I wonder if the publicity manager got fired after this one??
     I might have mentioned a few times that I grew up in Wyoming.  And while I complain about the weather in the desert and maybe the rain while living in but the long winters in Wyoming are so much worse in my eyes.   My home town saw five inches of snow or so a few days back.   To which I say---too soon!  And ahahahahahahhahaha!!

This is a menu from the 70's. 
Yes prices have risen through the years--but not really that much.
Now to all the saps that want the minimum wage to be $15.00 an hour--and yes you are saps--
how many 0's do you think will be added to the above menu just after wages go up.   And cashiers all become computers??
Also note--and I have talked about this before--please notice how little the menu has changed
in all those years.  I only mention this, because the customers in front of us--always-every trip
get up to the counter and instantly go dumb and forget what is on the MC menu.  Causing them to stare at it for long periods of time without actually ordering anything or stepping out of the way for the next hungry people in line. 
The menu has been very similar for years and years in any country you need MC grease!
Something I wrote about this --years ago.....

Some how even though the sheer odds are against it, I end up behind the only customers in America who have never been to Mcdonald's before. Last time the only thing that kept me a calm customer in waiting, was knowing two of the workers behind the counter who looked as annoyed as I did. Ok maybe what I was looking at was a mirror, but they were not happy either. Not sure what I am talking about? Here is a greatly condensed version of the eaters that always seem to be ahead of me. Taking the fast out of fast food. We all know that even starving Ethipians have at one point in their life, been to a Mcdonalds. And if they could not figure out the complex menu, they had pictures to point to! The menu is also pretty much the same at any location across not only the 50 states, but the world. Yes world. And the menu has not really changed since burgers were 10 cents a piece, yah mc dope.

On my last trip the family had about five people and an overly controlling father who wanted to change every one's orders after they finely did order. *Stares at menu. Ummm we'd like 5 hamburgers a fake meaty combo and a compressed wiener dog. **Even though they could have ordered a 7 and a 9. But both with ketchup the father adds. And the meat only cooked on one side. I like half of it raw. And cook the lettuce for 22 secs to. Do you have shakes? What kind of shakes do you have? O Timmy is allergic to milk, what kind of pop do you have? Do you have pop? Do you have mc straws? How about curly straws? Soonish the three year old that found a new friend in the parking lot *a lady bug is allowed to order his own food. I want six of those toys the one with the flashing lights and strobes and swords, but no mc girl toys!! *Stretches out arms and "flys" around store lobby for about 22 seconds. And………I LIKE BUGS!! YOU HAVE BUG EYES CASHIER LADY! I WANT A BURGER HOLD the boogies hahahhaha I LIKE BUGS! How many bugs would it take to make a dozen burger patties?? I LIKE BUGS! But I do not want to eat any! Not any more today that is. Hahaha. I'm a spaceship!! The mother is up next, and it soon appears that she has about the same IQ as her son. UMMMMMMMM, what comes in the Mc Chicken sandwich? How is that cooked? What comes in the milk shake? Do you have soy milk? Can I mix an 2 with a number 99 or might that give me hives? Can you tell me what is in a cheeseburger?

I had a hard time not answering the mind numbing questions for her. I mean what's in a milk shake can you tempt my smart ass any more?? Her vegetarian daughter is up next. She is in the wrong restaurant. She is trying to lose weight by not eating anything with a head. She makes up for it by ordering a shake, a pop, a mc pie, some fries, and an double order of mc cookies. Nothing on her menu had a head, but might cause a case of double chins.

The following morning, when it was my turn to order I quickly placed my order and moved to the side. Unfortunately the order before mine was very complex and took the better part of a half hour to fill. After it was up the father went through each item comparing the actual burgers to the pictures on the signs and counting the number of sesame seeds on buns.

I managed to hold my tongue the entire time. Something I am very proud of. And was soon proudly holding my bag of food. Very soon after I was back in line. I had ordered the wrong combo!

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