Monday, July 28, 2014


     Crash course with our oldest this afternoon in driving like a pro. 16 is just around the corner *cringe* He did super awesome with handling our redneck pickup down the empty road we found. And for the first time in a stick shift---he did hella good driving our car too. Practice makes perfect.-----I have to say it was a very bumpy start--but he is a very quick leaner for sure.  My first car was a stick shift, and I know I learned slowly.   And after bouncing my dads head off the window a few times.  Heck some days I feel I am still learning how to drive a stick.  My wife says she can not drive a stick, but she can drive a 16 wheeler, so I always find this statement hard to believe.  For motivation--I was going to say the car may be his some day soon, but I am not sure it is really motivation.  Being in bigger towns with lots of cops, it is very hard to get the needed practice in.   Most of the kids I knew in Wyoming could drive anything with wheels by the time they were 12.  But there are also so many wide open areas to learn how to drive.  Many were the worse thing you could hit would be a fence post of stubborn cow. 

    **"Last night I decided to drink 100 Bud Lights--I started to loose track some where around midnight!"**--Heard this in a song this morning while heading to the dump.   Now I want to collect great drinkin' lyrics.  

                                                      As is usually true   the truth hurts.


                                                                So where is my treat??

Sign I found while roaming around in California a few months back.
Sadly the coffee shop was closed on this day.
Silly Motel 6   does this mean I can or can't smoke??
                                                                 Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head 

                                                           This doubly applies on the above  Facebook page--but really 
any page  of mine.   Thanks for playing. 

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