Saturday, July 12, 2014

O July!

           A jolly good evening to my two readers out there!!  As my birthday continues to creep closer I am meet with an almost dread to turning older once again.  After about ones 12th birthday the whole concept just seems to loose it's thrill.  Until maybe your 21st birthday--the day ones drinking addiction can legally start.  I more than likely will be working on my birthday once again.  Like I have said --this year is extra great because on the same day all three of our kiddos go back to school and it is payday!    Since I started work--and have almost been living there  I have been super slacking at all of my blog posts.  This will change on all three of MY pages.   Thank you all for being patient and please keep checking all of my pages!  
I started as a part timer at work--supposedly. The first day I was bumped up to full time. And now I am working six daze a week.  This is great for the paychecks but not for having any form of a life outside of work.  Or for furthering our Exploring adventures.  Especially since I mostly work the grave yard shit--still.   OK in all fairness it has only been two months--but Dam it seems like much longer.  To everyone involved --especially my co-workers I am sure. 

Blog rundown:
My first page full of posts, Exploring, random rambling and coffee love!
Some of my better pictures and Exploring of Washington state mostly around Bellingham. MY newest page all about Exploring amazing Arizona.     Check them all out!!

   **"When did back to school lists become so long, and schools stop buying ANY of the supplies? Thank goodness for the local back to school fair in the park!! Free supplies from backpacks to rulers. But it requires getting up at 5 AM."**

                 **"Coffee makes me awesome!"**------At least something does.  ;)

        **"If brains were used as money YOU would have to take out a loan to buy a cup of coffee."**--Cheers

   **In my travels I have meet a ton of people from a ton of back grounds. But I have to admit I HAVE NEVER meet anyone that works in a dildo factory. Have you??**

                                   **"You can't be sad when your holding a cupcake."**

               **"How do people in Mexico run to the boarder to eat at Taco Bell?"**

 This is an impressive map--although it reminds me a lot of a virus---or the spreading of illegals.   Impressive or alarming??

   Speaking of links---this one is beyond DURP!    It is rare--but I really have no comments about how dumb the MANY people protesting this really are.   Please read this one.  After you stop shaking your head in dismay for America you will shrug and start laughing.  Maybe.

Seems legit to me. 
On the same thought line--kindda---Washington just became the 2nd state to legalize recreational pot.   And the stores can not even come close to keeping up with the demand.  Is this from Washington people or Oregon and such residents taking road trips.  And why are people in these areas not taking use of all of the "street vendors?"  Oregon residents must be beyond ticked ---years ago when I lived in the state---hippies state wide were trying to get weed legal.   And at least ten years later--it still is not.   But just miles away across the boarder in Washington --a state much more addicted to coffee--has just called it legal.  Isn't it "great" were our priorites are?
And you thought you had a bad job
 **"Not only do I take the short bus to work---I drive it!"**
Today's picture of the day
comes all the way from Sheridan, Wyoming. 
Were the huge rodeo is going on at this very moment. 
I have tons of new Exploring pictures ready to write about and show off.   Again
thank you for being patient.
This is right on Main Street. 
And a World famous bar.
The same as the rodeo is known all over.
You might not think bars have much to do with rodeos---if you think this,
you have not been to a rodeo in Wyoming or Montana.

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